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Roger DickinsonRoger Dickinson 

Attachments on the email alert for tasks

When i was in Classic i used to be able to add an attachment before I saved it and then when the email alert went out to the user it had the attachment on the email. Now I have to  save the task before I can go into the related lists to add the attachments. By this time the  email alert has already gone. 
Is there a way round doing this in Lightning so I can get the functionality the same as Classic used to be 
Karthikeyan MKarthikeyan M
Hi Roger,
While you can view existing attachments on a record, addition of new Attachments feature is not available in lightning. I believe this is with the plan to promote "Files" feature which has lot more capability.

While you can drag drop the Files component to your Task lightning page, still you will have to save the Task before you can add a file to that task record. 
You can vote for some related ideas in the portal

You can consider some alternatives like setting the task to "Draft" status and then adding the file and then making changing the status to "Submit" and consider triggering the email based on the status change. 

Karthikeyan M
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