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Crystal ZhuCrystal Zhu 

Time-Based Workflow

Hi everyone,
Is there a way to export the info/records from the monitoring queue of  the Time-Based Workflow?
Many thanks for your thoughts!
Sarath RSarath R
Hi Crystal, unfortunately, we cannot export the Time-Based workflow queue as it is not queryable via API or Apex.

Crystal ZhuCrystal Zhu
Hi Sarath,
Many thanks for your update!
In order to take proactive actions , what is the best practice to suggest if we need to know in advance the missing info in the monitoring queue?
Many thanks!
Sarath RSarath R
Crystal, could you please elaborate on what do you mean by missing info in the monitoring queue?

Also, please see if this help article helps:

Crystal ZhuCrystal Zhu
Maybe we need to have another strategy in place to deal with the gap between the expected and the info/records in the monitoring queue.  Many thanks!