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Christine MarshallChristine Marshall 

Targets for System Admins

I'm looking for ideas for reasonable and attainable targets for a Salesforce System Administrator? These would be goals to achieve over the year that would result in a bonus structure. Do you or your company do something similar?
snehal surtisnehal surti
Hi Christine,

I haven't seen any such matrix being used in my experience with various clients. Salesforce has documented on what to expect from admins and based on your salesforce user base how many sys admins you need. you might find following link helpful

If your organization is using agile methodology then some what you can find out contribution by each sys admin by divding config work as stories and assigning to different sys admins. Each story will have its points and tools like JIRA or Rally provides ability to generate various reports on total contribution.

I have seen some companies prefer all config work to be done by their sys admin and only code dev work given to consultants and they use this kind of approach to seperate config vs code. This part is sometimes tricky because some stories might required code and config both then the stories needs to be divided into appropriate tasks. Similar approach can also be applied to any prod support activities done by sys admin on day to day basis by creating JIRA or Rally bug/ticket before they make any changes. I hope this helps..
Steve MolisSteve Molis
It depends on the size and scope of your SFDC org, which edition you're on, and what your current level is.  
I would say that Trailhead Badges would be a GREAT thing for this
Christine MarshallChristine Marshall
So we use only click not code.
We are a small org (300+ users) with 2 dedicated System Admins. 1 is a qualified admin, the other not but similar skill levels.
We use Cases as an internal helpdesk so I'm thinking we could attach some SLA's to that. 
Trailhead badges is a great idea :)
We want to show value to the business so I may implement some strategy to document Sales growth and also data enrichment...?
User adoption would also be a good one to track?

Christine MarshallChristine Marshall
And we're on Unlimited!