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Erik BergErik Berg 

Help me distinguish the difference between Tasks, Calls, Emails!

I'm trying to create a simple Activity report that shows how many emails and calls each of our sales reps have made in a certain timeframe.  Our (Lightning) users are using the "Log a Call" tab to log calls, but when I run an Activity report I'm having a hard time distinguishing between a Task and a Call.  It appears as if Salesforce considers these the same thing, although it seems pretty clear to me that in the real world they're very different things.

If you look at my report screen shot below you'll see that the "Activity Type" column is without any info - which I find strange.  However, "Task Subtype" does display "Email" (very helpful) and then just "Task."  It does look like "Call" shows up in the subject line column, but I know someone may change the subject line at some point and so that seems like a weak/not accurate field to sort by.  Am I missing something super obvious here?

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Martin KeatingMartin Keating
I run into trouble with Log A Call all the time. Really, all the button is doing is creating a task, with "Call" as the subject and marking the task as complete. There is no difference if you were to do New Task, mark the subject with "Call" and set it as complete except it's on a slightly different layout (scheduling follow up task). 

As for "Activity Type," is that a custom field? I know there is Type which is standard on there. So possibly it's blank because it's just not being populated if it's not on a layout?  As for Subtype, you may have already seen here:

So really, you're only going to be able to easily distinguish between emails and... non-emails aka Tasks. No way to easily know if it was a call if Call is not in the Subject.
Erik BergErik Berg
Hi, Martin.  Thanks for the insight.  Activity Type is not a custom field that I created.  As far as I know it's a standard field?  That all being said, I did happen to stumble across the ability to assign a default "Task Subtype" value of "Call" to Log a Call.  Since "Email" is already the Task Subtype of emails, being able to give Log a Call a "Call" Task Subtype is pretty much exactly what I need.  If you're interested I can outline how to do this.
Steve BrousseauSteve Brousseau
Hi Erik, 

I have been trying to figure out how to do this " I did happen to stumble across the ability to assign a default "Task Subtype" value of "Call" to Log a Call." Can you share how you did it?

Many Thanks
Oliver MuchowOliver Muchow
Hi Erik,

once I entered into my actual ORG I had the same big questionmark in my face as the "Log a Call" button created always a Task with the Task Subtype "Task" instead of "Call". So reporting were not reliable.

After a while I found why: someone created in the past a custom button "Log a Call" which was on the page layout. Maybe someone did the same in your org?

Log A Call

So I switched to the standard button and the result was like expected: users create as of now a Task with the right Task Subtype "Call".

Unfortunaltely SFDC does not alllow us (even as an admin) to update the field Task Subtype. Means a clean-up of older data to get a reliable reporting also for data from the past is not possible.
Stephanie BoggsStephanie Boggs
Upvote this idea - Make TaskSubType editable -