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Ishaan Singh DhillonIshaan Singh Dhillon 

Quick Text can't resolve merge fields

Hi All,

I am getting an error :'Can’t resolve merge fields Review the quick text merge fields for errors or try inserting them again.'

I am not to figure out why, I get these even if I am using the fields from drop-down menu.

The quick text folder is shared with me. The field I am trying to use the quick text on is on the event object and the merge fields are Lead fields related to the event.

I am unable to resolve the issue through debug logs as well so I am at a dead-end here. Any inputs would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Joe AsprecJoe Asprec
Hi Ishaan - This article says "In quick text, you can insert merge fields for the following objects: accounts, cases, contacts, custom objects, leads, opportunities, organization, users, and work orders." Looks like it really won't work on Events Object.

Check it out here: Quick Text Considerations
Ishaan Singh DhillonIshaan Singh Dhillon
Hi Joe,

Thanks for your comment. However, I have gone through the considerations while trying to troubleshoot and I seem to get the error while trying to get Lead fields also on the quicktext.
My understanding is that inserting a merge onto quicktext is not supported - we dont get the actvity object option in the dropdown also - but I don't think this means that I cannot use the quicktext on a event-field. Also, I get the same error while trying to use the quicktext on lead as well so I think we can rule out that as the reason.
Joe AsprecJoe Asprec
I see. Have you observed the same behavior in Classic? If it works in Classic, you may consider clearing your browser caches. Otherwise, I would recommend logging a salesforce support ticket. 
Jelle BrouwerJelle Brouwer
Hi Ishaan,

I am getting the same error as you did. Did you find a solution allready? Happy to hear from you.

Thanks for your help!
Stefano ChiricoStefano Chirico
Hi Ishaan,
I'm getting the same error as you did. When I click on Preview button everything is fine. When I use the QuickText inside the Comments of a Task, I get the same error (regardless of whether the Name is a Contact or a Lead).

Did you find a solution?

Joe GarnerJoe Garner
Hi Ishaan/Stefano,

I am having the same issue. I have users that want to use quick text in the comments section when editing a Task and they are getting the error "can't resolve merge fields Review the quick text merge fields for errors or try inserting them again.'

If there is any update on this, solution, or workaround I would be very interested.

Thank you!
Sarah OrensSarah Orens
We are receiving this error also when attempting to add quick text to the body of an email off of a case. 
Masashi HamamatsuMasashi Hamamatsu
Hi All,
I am getting the same error when I use quick text for Task editing.
I logged a Salesforce support case, and I got an answer from Salesforce Japan support team.

According to them, the cases where the use of Quick Text is supported are as described in https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=quick_text_create.htm&type=5 .
Email — for Email actions
Event — for Event actions
Internal — works with internal fields, like on the Change Status action*
Knowledge — for Knowledge articles in Lightning Experience
Chat — works with Chat in the Service Console
Messaging — works with Messaging in the Service Console
Phone — for the Log a Call action
Portal — works in a community or a customer portal*
Social — for social posts
Task — for Task actions
So, Using quick text is not supported for Task editing.(Task actions only)
Salesforce Development Team knows this issue, but it is unclear if it will be resolved because this issue occurs non-supported situation.