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Beth SaundersBeth Saunders 

How do I upload data to a new field in an existing task record?

I created a Global Picklist with various call results to select from a dropdown on the activity object which appears on the Log a Call layout I have. However, I seem to have a bug that's not actually allowing all of my picklist values to appear. I'm only seeing 4 of 6. I made sure I was pushing them to the object using that picklist. They DO show up in the field settings when I edit it, just not on the front-end in Salesforce. I saw some other forum posts saying others have experienced similar bugs.

I created a new field and pulled in the values again and it's now working properly. However, now I'm trying to migrate the data over to the new field but I'm running into problems. Can I not just reference the task ID and upload the data to the new field? I found this article here ( but it's confusing me. It looks like I'm adding history to the activity itself rather than updating what's already there.

Can someone give me guidance on if I can 1) fix the existing field I already have to actually show the two other picklist options or 2) import the data into the new field using my existing activity/task ID. Thanks!

Ahilesh RagavanAhilesh Ragavan
Hi Beth,

Q1: Have you checked the Task record types - Make sure the new picklist values are added under the record types too.

Q2: I think you just need to perform an 'update' action ( into an 'insert').
Insert, Update, or Delete Data Using Data Loader (
Beth SaundersBeth Saunders
Thanks Ahilesh! I don't use record types currently for the Task object. We're just using the Type field right now to differentiate things. I can't create new fields on the Task object so it was created in the activity object but shown on the Task layout.

Here's where you can see the values shown on the back-end but not on the front-end when you're logging the call. 

User-added image

User-added image

For #2, I am doing an upsert in dataloader. The problem is that there's no option to select an activity ID. It wants a WhoID, WhatID, etc.
Ahilesh RagavanAhilesh Ragavan
It looks like you have a "field dependency" on the  Call Result field , Make sure you have included the new picklist values in the field dependencies.
Beth SaundersBeth Saunders
That's not it! That's the controlling field. You select a value from that field and another field has options that vary depending what you select. I have multiple values there with no dependency tied to them and they show up fine.
Ahilesh RagavanAhilesh Ragavan
Oh ya! Should have checked it twice.
Ahilesh RagavanAhilesh Ragavan
Were you able to get this work?
Whenever the picklist values goes missing there are only 2 things we check:
1) Record Types
2) Field Dependencies
But both looks good in your case.
Are you sure you don't have another picklist field witth the same field name and that is added to the layout?
Make sure this picklist field is not a dependent field to another controlling field.
Beth SaundersBeth Saunders
Nope, I haven't been able to figure this out! I have a new field added to the layout now because I was trying to figure out if there was a bug with the original one, but no, that's not my problem. I know I'm working from the correct field as this issue happened before I created the new one. Thanks though!