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Kassiani TsouvalaKassiani Tsouvala 

Emailing Scheduled Reports

Hello SF people!

I need some support here, please.

I have a report filtered by 'Show Me: My team's opportunities' and the request is to schedule an Email per Sales Team and some of the company CEOs.

1. The report is filtered by 'Show Me: My team's opportunities' and I miss the option 'Sent email to Team Members' (just Tema Leaders is there).
2. Run Report as: what should be selected here so the report shows the Team records per team and CEO.

Thank you!!
Jayson MoralesJayson Morales
Hi Kassiani,

1. Make sure that the report is shared to the other users or public groups. "Tema Leaders" looks like a public group to me so you have add the other pblic groups to the folder where the report was saved.
2. Unfortunate, it is not possible to schedule a report for dynamic running user. We can only select a static running user.  Please upvote for this idea:

Idea: Schedule/Email Reports Running User as a Variable

Hope that helps.