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Gustavo LauferGustavo Laufer 

Creating Dynamic Pages

I have a kind of complex scenario.
My company wants to have an “offline” survey, though surveys may have recurrent questions and most of the answer will have just five answers (1-bad, 5-excelent). Well, seeing that it is an offline survey I would avoid to use the standard Survey object. Instead, I preferred to create my own schema.
It is easy to think about it. But it is being hard to create it in salesforce – especially when we are talking about creating a “form” for the users who are going to entry the data collected during these offline surveys.  
Before getting deeper in this issue, I will describe the schema: We will have 5 custom objects
  • UC Survey : main object for the survey;
  • UC Survey Questions : defines the question that each survey will have
  • UC Question: a list of questions which may be used during the UC Survey. These should be reusable;
  • UC Survey Member: connects contact to the survey
  • UC Possible Answer: this is the list of the 5 common answers
  • UC Answer : connects the survey member to the question to the possible answer

I want to avoid having user to select one by one! Imagine if we have 100 contacts related to a 20 question survey. If we have these surveys, then user will have to : create a new select UC Answer, select UC Survey Question, select UC Survey Member, then select UC Possible answer for just one question. There will be hundreds of click of each contact! Eventually it is not feasible.
Instead, I would like to have, let’s say, a first screen which enables to select the Survey and the Member we want to use.
The next  screen should have all questions that this survey is related to. Then the user should just have to select the answers the contact chose. That is the hardest part that I do not know how to do.

Any idea about how to create this dynamic form that contains the questions that are previously selected and stored in another object?
Gustavo LauferGustavo Laufer
The ERD of the problem above
Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
I'm afraid you've delved into the realm of development. You will not be able to accomplish this without coding.

If you do not have developers at the company, you can try third party apps.