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Harsharndeep DhillonHarsharndeep Dhillon 

Practice Questions - Sales Cloud

Hello, Team.

After Completing Trailhead, I was going through some of the practice questions available on various websites. i found some of the answers really confusing. Please help me to find correct answers.
1. UC has configured salesforce to store all individual consumer contacts under a single account called ""Consumer"". The consumer business has grown to more than 500,000 Contacts. Mass update are no longer completed within the defined maintenance timeframe and an increased number of errors are being reported. What should consultant recommend to improve system performance 2ANS 
A. Ensure that no single account has more than 10,000 contacts
B. Removes the account assignment for all objects 
C. Add an index to the account field on the contact
D. Enable person account and migrate the data

Accoring to me, answer is A and D. But it is A and C at some of the places. I am not able to understand Indexing clearly. Please help!

2. UC has a large customer base of over 15,000 Accounts and 60,000 contacts. The marketing manager wants to use the customer data for an upcoming new product launch but its concerned that contacts may have moved to another organization (Contact's email address has changed) what should a consultant recommend to ensure customer data is accurate?
A. Use data enhancement tool to verify that account and contact data is up-to-date 
B.Create a vf rule to mass email contacts and capture any email bounce 
C.Use a data cleaning tool and the stay-in-touch feature of salesforce to email contact 
D.Create a workflow rule for the account and contact owner to confirm contact data
According to me, Answer should be A because Stay in touch feature is no longer active.

3. Universal Containers has launched an initiative to increase the number of leads being qualified each week, the number of activities being created for each opportunity, and the opportunity win rate. The Vice President (VP) of Sales would like to receive a daily update on the progress being made towards these goals.What solution should a consultant recommend to accomplish this?
A.Build three reports for the lead, activity, and opportunity information; have them automatically refreshed daily. 
B.Build three reports for the lead, activity, and opportunity information; add them to a dashboard to be emailed daily to the VP of Sales. 
C.Build a custom report type to display lead, activity, and opportunity information; have the VP of Sales follow the report on Chatter. 
D.Build a joined report to show the lead, Activity and Opportunity information, scheduled it to email daily to VP of sales.

I am confused between B and D as both seems to be feasible solution.

4. Universal Containers sells three unique products, and each product has its own sales process. The company qualifies prospects for the three products in a consistent manner; however, once the customer has shown interest, the sales rep must follow the relevant product's sales process. What solution should a consultant recommend to meet these requirements? (Choose 2 answers). 

A. Configure Opportunity record types for each sales process
B. Create sales stages that align with Opportunity record types
C. Define sales processes to map to each Opportunity record type
D. Define the default Opportunity teams for each Opportunity record type

Shouldn't the answer be A and B

5. Sales representatives at Universal Containers log activities on accounts, contacts,and opportunities. The sales manager wants to create a report to see all activities on all of the accounts that the manager owns, including activities on contacts and opportunities. Which report should be recommended to the sales manager?
A.Activities report on accounts, contacts, and opportunities the manager owns 
B.Activities report on accounts the manager owns 
C.Activities report on accounts and contacts the manager owns 
D.Activities report on accounts and opportunities the manager owns

I am confused beween B and D. 

6. What is consideration when implementing Advanced Currency Management?Choose 3 answers
A.Currency roll-up summary fields from opportunities products to an opportunity use the dated exchange rate. 
B.Advanced Currency Management can be enabled or disabled in the organization under the company profile, if needed. 
C.Currency roll-up summary fields from opportunities to an account use the static conversion rate. 
D.The converted amount of an opportunity uses dated exchange rates based on the close date of the opportunity. 
E.Advanced Currency Management dated exchange rates are automatically update on a monthly basis.

As per my understanding Answer should be A, B , D

7. Marketing department at Universal container is migrating from legacy campaign and emailmanagement system 2 salesforce want to ensure that its communication material is migrated as well.What should consultant recommend to migrate the marketing departments email templates?

A. Enable Email to case

B. IDE and Change set

C. Manually

D. Enable Email to salesforce

Legacy system has not been mentioned in this question and we use change sets to migrate the data between one salesforce to another salesforce Instance. Shouldn't it be Manual?

8. Universal Containers requires its sales representatives to go through an internal certification process to sell certain groups of products. What could be done to prevent a sales representatives from adding these products to opportunities if they are not certified to sell them? Choose 2 answers
A. Use a criteria-based sharing rule on products marked as requiring certification to only share the products to users who are certified
B. Use a validation rule on opportunity products to prevent them from adding products mrked as requiring certification if they are not certified.
C. Use a validation rule on products marked as requiring certification to prevent them from being added to an opportunity.
D. Use a separate price book for the products requiring certification and only share the price book to users who are certified.

Why an option can't be A?

9. Universal Containers is planning to hire more sales representatives in response to three consecutive quarters of rapid growth. To optimize their sales impact, the sales management team wants to develop a better sales territory structure. What data should the sales management team consider when developing the new sales territories? Choose 2 answers.[

A. Distance between the customer headquarters and their sales representatives.
B. Number of currencies needed to support each sales territory.
C. Attributes need to segment and categorize customers.
D. Average number of customers managed by a sales representative.

Answer should be C and D as per my understanding.

Would appreciate your help:-)

Chris EmmettChris Emmett
I personally would steer clear of "practice" questions as they're sometimes stolen from actual tests. Morality aside (because it is wrong), the answers given aren't always accurate or up to date given the current capabilities of Salesforce. Your best bet is to go through study materials found on sites like Udemy or in person training.

Good luck!!
Harsharndeep DhillonHarsharndeep Dhillon
Hello, Chris.

I appreicate your response. I have been through the trailheads as you can check my profile. I am not able to find appropriate study material for my questions or may be i am missing something. If you could help me to find atleast those links, would appreciate.
Chris EmmettChris Emmett
OK. Let's tackle that first question. Why do you think the answer is A and D? What's significant about 10,000 records and enabling person accounts?
Harsharndeep DhillonHarsharndeep Dhillon
Appreciate your response. Ques 1: Please help me to understand first question. I do not have good idea about indexing. I can provide my reasoning for rest of the questions: Ques 2: Stay in touch feature got retired in Summer 2017 and was not replaced with any new similar feature. I believe this question is outdated. Ques 3: We can build a joined report of Leads, Accounts and Opportunities but scheduling a joined report feature is still not available, which will left us with to create three reports and add them on dashboard. Ques 4: We map opportunity record type to Sales Process not the other way around. Ques 5: Report type Activities with Accounts will show all the related contacts and opportunities to accounts with activities. Ques 6: Organizations with advanced currency management support roll-up summary fields between two advanced currency management objects. For example, roll-up summary fields are supported from an opportunity line object to its opportunity object, because both are advanced currency management enabled. You can’t create roll-up summary fields that calculate currency on the opportunity object rolling up to the account object. Ques 7: Legacy system has not been mentioned in this question and we use change sets to migrate reports or components between one salesforce to another salesforce Instance. Ques 8: I believe currently there is no way to manage sharing on Products (except for create different price books and assign those products to new price book and share it with user, groups, roles) Which lands mew to option B and D. Ques 9: Before enabling territory, org can choose multiple factors (Industry, Size, Geo, Number of companies) to divide Territories which justifies the option C. I am confused on Option D because there is one pro statement and another is conflicting: 1. Pro: We want to make sure the each AE maintain more or less equal number of customer to justify quota attainment. 2. Conflict: if we give each rep the same number of accounts and what if User A has more of dead leads than prospects and User B has all the Prospects. Again if we see, they have mentioned customer in Question which let me believe that answer should be C and D.
Preety GargPreety Garg
Hi Harsharndeep,

Did you get responses to the above questions.  Would you please share/let me know the correct answers.
Ines GarciaInes Garcia
ANYONE READING THE ABOVE To "Report a Certification Policy Violation" from > Feedback > report add all details
Please do report is our dutty and interest to keep certifications truthful and a representation of expertise (instead of short memory & sight of life)

Disclosing / and using exam data has serious consequences.

Basically you are shooting yourself in the foot there, as a cheater is rather easy to spot. 
Also dont be an idiot and liaise with scammers... 

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Harsharndeep DhillonHarsharndeep Dhillon
Hello, Ines.
First of all, let me make this clear that i didn't cheat.
I practised the questions from various resources like: Quizlet, Focus on force, Salesforce Ben etc.
I always made sure to practice ald learn the modules on trailhead first, you can't just earn 100+ badges without doing nothing.
Also, I manage the CRM of one company alone without any team mate. You can manage it only by learning and practising, not by cheating :-)
Ines GarciaInes Garcia
Indeed, now careful of the sources of the data also do not broadcast either, when you find Q&A from the exam you must reported on the given link.
Else devalues the certification program and the well deserved credentials.
Disclosing / and using exam data has serious consequences.