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Geetika MalikGeetika Malik 

Dashboard integration on Lightning record page

Hi All,

Seeking your inputs to embed a dashboard on a lightning record page. We realized this option is available on home page and app page, but the record page doesnt allow this. salesofrce documentation mentions dashboard integration is possible on the record pages as well. Are we missing something ? Is there an easy workaround without much customization to achieve this ?

sakshi nagpalsakshi nagpal
Hi Geetika,

 Did you check this out-:

Hope it helps
Aviral AgrawalAviral Agrawal
Hi Geetika,

You can't embed a regular Salesforce dashboard in a Lightning page or in a Visualforce page. About the best you can do is iframe the dashboard into a VF page, but if you want to pass to one of the dashboard filters, that won't work. If you have Einstein Analytics, it is possible to embed them on a record page.