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Vaibhav PurohitVaibhav Purohit 

Reset Superabdge

Hey Guys,

So i've got a superbadge i got stuck on, quite a while ago, and now the TP has been deactivated and i've even lost the credentials.
Is there anyway i could reset the whole Superbadge and go through it all over again, or maybe reset all the challenges separately.
Any help is appreciated.

varun singhvarun singh
HI Vaibhav,

I think you can retake challannges again of superbadges only.

Payal MittalPayal Mittal
Hi Vaibhav,

You can do the challenge again but 'Check Challenge' button will not be available again to check.

Badges cannot be refreshed, but you can connect and do the prior steps and proceed.
Vaibhav PurohitVaibhav Purohit
Hey Varun,

If you could elaborate as to how exactly to go about for it, it'd be great.
Thanks in advance!
Vaibhav PurohitVaibhav Purohit
Hi Payal,

I guess there's no other way then :(
Thanks for your quick response!
Payal MittalPayal Mittal
Yup Vaibhav,

I know its frustrating, but no other way currently.
varun singhvarun singh
Sorry Vaibhav,
You can't retake superbadge. you hvae to create new trailhead account to complete  same super badge.
If can retake challanges  badges of the super badges.
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