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Admin Practice Questions

Hello Trailblazers,
Need your help on the following practice questions. THANk YOU!

21. Universal Containers wants to automatically assign a task to account mangers when a customer’s agreement is about to expire. How should a system admin configure this functionality?
  1. Create a time-based workflow on Account with a rule criteria of agreement end date > TODAY
  2. Create a time – based workflow on Account with a rule criteria of agreement end date < TODAY
  3. Create a workflow on Account with a rule criteria of agreement end date < TODAY
  4. Create a workflow on Account with a rule criteria of Agreement end date > TODAY

 22. Universal Containers has a sales team focused on renewals. They will use many of the same opportunity fields as other teams, but need different stage values.
What should the system admin update to support this requirement?
  1. Stage Selected Values in the sales process
  2. Page Layout to include the correct field
  3. Stage Field picklist options in record types
  4. Field – level security in the user profile

23. A System Admin created a workflow rule that sends email alerts when a Case with a high priority is created. A new support Engineer who works remotely at Universal Containers complains about not receiving the email alerts. All other users at Universal containers receive these email alerts.
How can a Salesforce Admin troubleshoot this issue?
  1. Check if the correct email template is used.
  2. Check if the workflow rule is active
  3. Check if the workflow evaluation criteria is correct
  4. Verify the user’s email address.
25. Which two actions allow the system admin to limit chatter access during roll – out to a subset of Salesforce Users? Choose two answers.
  1. Add the subset of users to the company – wide Chatter group.
  2. Edit a Profile to “Enable Chatter “ for the subset of users.
  3. Create an email invitation for the subset of users.
  4. Create a permission set with the “ Enable Chatter” permission for the subset of users.
26. How should a sales rep create an all – day event in Salesforce?
  1. Use a task for an all – day event because then no time fields are needed.
  2. Ensure the event is scheduled for times within the Start and End of Day hours.
  3. Check the all – day event checkbox on the event.
  4. Ask the System Admin to check all – day events in the Activity settings.
27. Which set of Salesforce records is exported by choosing the “Export All” option instead of “Export” in Data Loader?
  1. Records for a specified object including records in the recycle bin.
  2. Records for a specified object and its child records
  3. Records for a specified object and its parent records
  4. Records for all standard objects in the org

28. How should a system admin configure a report for each sales rep to see their own Open Opportunities?
  1. Create a separate report for each sales rep
  2. Create a summary report grouped by sales rep
  3. Create a report schedule for each sales rep
  4. Create a report filtered by “My Opportunities”

29. What are two reasons a user cannot be deactivated?
Choose two answers
  1. The user is the recipient of Workflow Email Alerts
  2. The User is a Customer Community Administrator
  3. The User is the Owner of Open Opportunities
  4. The User account is frozen

30. What can a system administrator specify in the Company Information Page?
  1. Organization Name, Default Time Zone, Default Language
  2. Primary Contact, Chatter Settings, Set Domains
  3. Business Hours, Translation Settings, Corporate Currency
  4. Fiscal Year, Password Policies, Default Time zone
31. What are two benefits of using Data Categories with Salesforce Knowledge?
Choose Two answers
  1. Article Owners can track views
  2. Articles can be classified into groups
  3. Articles can be referenced in Chatter posts
  4. Article access can be controlled
32. The Universal Containers CEO does not want to see the list of Contacts when viewing an Account Page, but still needs to access Contact records.
How should a system admin configure this?
  1. Create and Account Page layout without the Contacts related list
  2. Remove the Account Related List from the Contact page layout
  3. Remove Read access permission for Contacts from the CEO’s Profile
  4. Set the Contact Org – Wide Default Sharing Settings to Private.

33. Universal Containers needs a field that reflects Account size based on number of employees.
Which formula function should the system admin use to evaluate different results based on specific condition with multiple outcomes?
  2. IF
  3. AND
  4. TEXT
34. Which configuration option shows sales representatives the fields they must fill in prior to saving an opportunity?
  1. Page Layout required fields
  2. Dependent Picklist Fields
  3. Opportunity Validation Rules
  4. Field- level security

35. Which two functions can be customized for the Salesforce Mobile App?
Choose two answers
  1. Field permissions
  2. Navigation Menu Content
  3. Custom Objects
  4. Object Record Types
  5. Object Compact Layout
36. How should a system admin provide a sales rep commission report that is visible only to the executive team?
  1. Name the report “For Executive Team Use Only – DO NOT USE”
  2. Save the report in the My Personal Report Folder
  3. Save the report in a folder shared with the Executive team
  4. Set the Opportunity Org – Wide Default sharing settings to Private
37. Which feature tracks how often a file is viewed?
  1. Chatter Files
  2. Document Reports
  3. Content Deliveries
  4. Email Attachments
38. Which three objects have a relationship with a Campaign?
  1. Contact Role
  2. Lead
  3. Opportunity
  4. Contact
  5. Account
39. Universal Containers created a time – based workflow rule that sends a follow – up email to the customer two days after a Case is closed. The system admin wants to verify that the workflow functions correctly.
Which queue should the system admin view to monitor pending workflow actions?
  1. Outbound Messaging Delivery Queue
  2. Background Jobs Queue
  3. Time – based Workflow queue
  4. Mass Email Queue

40. A Delegated Administrator at Universal Containers cannot edit the Created Date field for the Account record. What reason should the system admin give for why this is occurring?
  1. This field is Read – Only in Field Leve Security Settings
  2. This is a System Audit field and it is Read – Only for existing records
  3. This user does not have Edit permissions on the Account object
  4. This field is defined as Read – Only on the Page layout.
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