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Valentina IevaValentina Ieva 

Admin Practice Test - Need your help

Hello Trailbrazers,

I need your help on the following questions - THANK YOU!

2. Salesforce Users at Universal Containers complain that global search returns too many records
Which two configurations should a system administrator perform to help users manage search results?
  1. Reduce the number of records displayed for each object in the Search Results Page.
  2. Enable sidebar search auto-complete in the object’s search settings.
  3. Specify the keywords and include them into the object’s search layout.
  4. Specify the search filters fields for the object’s search layout.

3. In which situation is the Case Contact notified when a support representative adds a new case comment?
  1. The support representative posts the comment to the Case Chatter Feed
  2. The system administrator enables Case Comment Notification to Contacts
  3. The system administrator configures the Case auto – response rules.
  4. The support representative uses the Send Email action on the Case Feed.

4.  The password policy shows that the length of time until passwords expire is 90 days. However, some users find that their password expire every 30 days.
Where should the system administrator change the password expiration period for these users?
  1. Permission sets assigned to users
  2. Profiles assigned to users.
  3. Individual users records
  4. Roles assigned to the Users
5. Universal containers regularly imports Accounts from an external order system that has its own ID field for each record.
What should the system administrator do to help prevent duplicates during these imports?
  1. Use the ID from the order system in place of the SFDC ID
  2. Create a unique external ID field on Accounts in SFDC for matching.
  3. Use VLOOKUP to find matching records in SFDC
  4. Create a formula field that identifies matches.
6. A system admin enable Case Feed Actions and Feed Items in support settings.
With the appropriate profile permission enabled, what change will users see?
  1. Cases will use Feed layouts rather than standard page layout.
  2. All cases fields will be added to the chatter feed tracking.
  3. Case feeds will no longer be hidden on standard page layouts.
  4. All Case buttons will be converted to Actions in the Case feed.

7. Universal containers uses a private sharing model for Cases. Each product line has several product specialists who want to have visibility to all cases involving their product line.
How should the system administrator meet this requirement?
  1. Create an owner – based Case Sharing rule to share corresponding Cases with product specialist role.
  2. Change the org – wide default for Cases to Controlled by Parent and add product specialists to Account Teams.
  3. Add the product specialists to the Account Team for each Account that has purchased a product from the product line.
  4. Create a pre – defined Case Team for each group of product specialists and assign the team using Case Assignment Rules.
8. When creating a new user in a production SFDC org, which two requirements should a system administrator consider? Choose 2 answers.
  1. Usernames must include the company’s email domain.
  2. Usernames must be the same as the user’s email address.
  3. Usernames must be unique across all production Salesforce Orgs.
  4. Usernames must be in the form of an email address.
9. Which report should a system admin use to display the number of contacts related to an Account?
  1. Summary Report with a roll-up summary account field
  2. Tabular report with a report formula
  3. Summary report with a report formula
  4. Tabular report with a roll – up summary account field
10. Universal Containers offers a variety of products that are comparable to products from other companies. Sales representatives request a method to track product strengths and weaknesses compared to those offered by other vendors.
  1. What should a system administrator implement?
  2. Competitor on the opportunity page layout
  3. Products and Pricebooks on Opportunity Line Items
  4. Big Deal Alerts on high – value Opportunities
  5. Strength and Weakness fields on Company information

11. what should a system administrator do to assign a service cloud console license to a User?
  1. Clone the sample console and assign it to the user.
  2. Enable Service Console in Support Settings.
  3. Create a new permission set license assignment.
  4. Enable Service Cloud User on the user record detail page.
12. Universal Containers uses an auto – numbering system to uniquely identify each support request. They want customers to know this number as soon as possible.
Which two features should the system admin implement to allow customers have quick access to this information?
Choose two answers
  1. Case Feed Layout Actions
  2. Case Comment Notifications
  3. Self – service portal
  4. Auto-response rules
13. The Sales Operations team needs to import and export accounts, contacts, opportunities and orders.
Which two profile permissions does the sales operations team need to be able to perform this task?
Choose two answers
  1. API Enabled
  2. Modify All for those objects
  3. Weekly Date Export
  4. View All Data

14. How can a system admin discover who added a field to the account page layout?
  1. Run an account history report
  2. Download the setup audit trail
  3. Review the account last modified by field
  4. Create a poll in the admin chatter group

15. Which option can be added to Outlook Publisher Layouts?
  1. Custom Buttons
  2. Quick Actions
  3. Related Lists
  4. Customs Fields

16.Universal Containers users a Hybrid Sharing model where Accounts and Contacts are Read Only and Opportunities and Cases are private. Account Executives own all the Accounts. Some Contacts are owned by AEs, and other Contacts are owned by support reps.
How should a system admin ensure the AEs can edit all the Contacts associated with their accounts, no matter who owns the Contacts?
  1. Use the mass transfer tool to transfer ownership of all Contacts to the AEs.
  2. Create a read/write Sharing Rule to share all related records by default.
  3. Account owner privileges give the AE edit access to all related records by default.
  1. Select the edit all associated contacts option for the AE role in the Role Hierarchy.

17. How should a system admin ensure that a picklist field’s values display in consistent colors on all reports?
  1. Create a formula field that defines the color of each value
  2. Update the picklist value and set the color for each value
  3. Use a bucket field that defines the color for each value.
  4. Configure report Conditional Highlighting for each value.
18. What is the benefit of entering Trusted IP ranges in the Network Access Section?
  1. All attempts to log in from outside the network will be denied.
  2. Users that log in within the network will not be required to verify their identity
  3. AppExchange packages can communicate with an external site
  4. Users are enable to log in through the API on networks not marked as trusted.
19. Universal Containers wants to allow potential customers to submit Cases for technical inquiries. They do not have resources to set up a call center and need to make support available through another means.
Which two options should they consider?
  1. Adding a link to a specified routing address for Email to Case
  2. Adding a Link for Auto – response rules for solutions
  3. Implement a lightning Partner Community with Knowledge
  4. Generate Web – to case HTML code to add to the website
20. Which feature allows Universal Containers to require a value in a custom date field when the opportunity stage changes to Closing?
  1. Validation Rule
  2. Page Layout
  3. Record Type
  4. Dependent Picklist

Om PrakashOm Prakash
Either I or every trailblazer would suggest the same thing as I wrote in your other question (

Instead of asking the answer of multiple choices I would suggest please do trailhead modules and read articles, do practice for a related topic of these questions.
Then self choose the answer, that would be really beneficial for you.

Valentina IevaValentina Ieva
Hello Om,

Thank you for your reply. I have actually done what you just suggested me and also done the practice test and the real admin test. I actually did not pass the test for few questions. Honestly It helps me understand where I am making mistakes and the percentage splitted by categories is not enough to help my preparation. 
Om PrakashOm Prakash
Hi Valentina,
Have you completed this trailmix?

I would suggest please go through with these modules of this Trailmix.

Kristen AlbersKristen Albers
Hi Valentina,

Along with what Om suggested (it is how I studied and passed) there is also this trail that is very useful for studying.
Diana MoizeDiana Moize
Hello Valentina. do you have the asnwers? Some of them I can tno find them. Thanks
Om PrakashOm Prakash
Hi Kristen,
Congratulations on getting certified and thanks for sharing that trail link.

Hi Diana,
Please go with both trails for revision and you will find the answers for sure.
Above both trails can be also found here on this exam details page:

Let's discuss if any query.

Let's stay safe!
Ines GarciaInes Garcia

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Ines GarciaInes Garcia
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Any one should report items like this to

Is a breach of the certification program terms and conditions and has serious consequences, thats for both share or use exposed exam info.

Not only that but devaluates the certification in itself, and most likely is scam.

Become a good professional in this thriving ecosystem, is very easy to spot a cheat.

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