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Jeff TalbotJeff Talbot 

How can I find the source of an automated chatter post?

There's been an automated post on our company's Chatter Feed appearing several times each hour for the past several days. Unfortunately there is no record link in the post, or any details to help me determine what record or process is causing the post to appear in the Feed. I've looked in Process Builder and I don't see anything in the active Processes that would post to Chatter. I've also searched Google and SF Documentation for "how to find source of automated chatter post", and I just don't get results showing anything relevant.

Can someone give me some ideas of where I can look in Setup to find the source of automated Chatter posts?

When viewing the attached screenshot, note that "Item Lot" is a custom object, and "Item Lot cost" is a custom field on that object.User-added image

Priyanka DadhePriyanka Dadhe
Check Feed Tracking for Item Lost object. It may be enabled for that field. Go to setup, search Feed Tracking, select your object and then uncheck the "Enable Feed Tracking" check box, Save the changes.