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Uriel ScherUriel Scher 

CANT find Event Layout

Im doing my trailhead and got stuck when trying to find the event object manager- cant find it. I saw the same question asked a few years ago and the anwers don't match the current platorm, so please help:

1.From the Event object management settings, go to Page Layouts and click New.
2.Select Event Layout from the Existing Page Layout dropdown list.
3.In the Page Layout Name field, enter Showing Layout.
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Jérôme PijpersJérôme Pijpers

For finding the pagelayout for Event -->


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Jérôme PijpersJérôme Pijpers

For finding the pagelayout for Event -->


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Uriel ScherUriel Scher
Jérôme Pijpers you are the man!
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