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Anthony BarlowAnthony Barlow 

scheduled reports

I am having a tough time understanding the scheduled reports time slots on our Professional edition.

I read inthe help that each user can schedule up to 3 reports per day (6pm to 3am)
I have a report that I am trying to schedule and it is showing me no slots available.  Is the max time slots 3 per day for my organisation or 3 per day for each user.

We have several other reports scheduled so do they impact on my ability to schedule one?

I currently have two reports I have created - both running and sending the email as a different user (is that the issue?)
1 x report runs on a Saturday - 3 time slots available - selected 3am
1 x Weekday Daily report - every weekday at 01.00
If I try and edit the schedule for the above weekday run and click on the 01:00 time slot then it shows no time slots available so I havent dared edit that.

I have another report that I wish to run each weekday but showing no slots available and I cannot fathom out why.
Jayson MoralesJayson Morales
Hi Anthony,

I noticed that the case you logged about this question is already closed. Please take a moment to share the solution with the community should someone encounter a similar issue or let us know if you need further help.

Anthony BarlowAnthony Barlow

I'll be honest and say that I am still not 100% sure I understand exactly why I am hitting the limit however the Salesforce tech that called me when I logged a call said that for my edition (Professional Edition) it is probably correct and although they couldnt explain or help me calculate, I was sent links to help pages.

I think its to do with the limit of 93 max scheduled reports per month for the org in Professional and nothing to do with any idividual user limit or 200 schedules total so,
3 (daily weekday reports) x 23 (average weekdays per month) = 69 
2 (every Sunday reports) x 4 (average number of Sundays) = 8

69 + 8 = 77 current slots taken so no more availability for another daily weekday report to run as I would need 23 slots and there is only 16 left??
.... I think.