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Andy AdkinsAndy Adkins 

Adding Files to Cases and Making Viewable to Customers

Hello Community!

I've researched through several issues that were close, but couldn't find an exact match.   We are piloting Lightning for our Support/Service team (Lightning Console) and they are having trouble with attachments/files   

What is  the "best" process in Lightning case/console view to add files to a case to be shared with a customer?

I understand that we are now using Files and not attachments, but our team normally has unique attachments for 90% of cases they create.   We first realized that the lovely new drag and drop file/attachment component adds files to the case, but they aren't viewable to the customer until they are explicitly shared.   Salesforce recommended for example, sharing in the chatter post.  (see multiple click points in the attached picture)

This "FEELS" a bit of a broken process, or additional steps/clicks required for Lightning, where in the past if an agent attached a file to a case, it was shared immediately with the customer on the case.  Also, our support team does not really use the FEED item (I know!) but use Case Comments.  So the feed is not visible except in a tab, so another click to get there.

Is there a setting (crossing fingers) to share attachments attached to a case with the case contact?
How does your Support/Service team add files to cases to share with customers?  Layout ideas?

Hoping there is a better way!Three places we have to click on the page to attach a file
Dave RiesDave Ries
Yeah... moving from Classic Service to Lightning Service can be a big change for the Users.  But once you overcome a couple hurdles, it's much better and they'll love it.

First - You can use the AppExchange App "Magic Mover for Notes & Attachments" to convert all of your existing "Attachments" over to "Files" so that your Users don't have 2 different places to look at for those Files.

You're going to have to adopt Files when moving to Lightning, so you might as well dive in and stop using Attachments as soon as you can.

Next - Are you sure about that File Sharing thing?  My experience, is that the default sharing for a File attached to a Case record, is that the file is automatically shared with anyone who has access to the Case (which your Customer should).  It looks like you CAN make files Private on a Case, but I thought the default was to Share them based on the parent Record sharing?

When dealing with Files on Cases... you COULD share them in the feed, but I wouldn't.  I'd just add them to the Files related list.

Same with the Feed vs. Comments.  The feed is more functional, and as you start working with Cases in Lightning you start to realize that actual 'work' is done in & around the Feed.  Things like Email & Flows & Actions will appear as buttons/tabs on the feed rather than at the top of the page.  The Feed is where you work on the case.  Which leads me to....

Your page layout.  The key to success with the Service Console in Lightning, is getting the page layout (Lightning Layout) right.  A lot of Salesforce demos/trainings I've attended, show the Feed right in the middle of the page, in a nice big wide column.  At first I thought this was crazy... but after a while, I realized this really is probably the best way to build out the page.  And if you do this... it's fewer clicks for the Users.  And if the feed become the center of their workspace... "Case Comments" quickly become unnecessary.

I hope this helps!  It really is a better world on the other side, once you get over the learning curve.
Andy AdkinsAndy Adkins
A year later I was searching again for help on this issue, and found my same question.    I forgot to highlight in above picture that in addition to those steps, we also have to choose the audience to get the attachment.

I am sure about the sharing.   At least in our org, when we attach files using the standard components, they are not shared with the customers.   Only in the feed if we specify the audience.

Anyone else running into the issue of easily attaching files to cases to share with customers?
Francesco VenturaFrancesco Ventura
Hi Andy, 
I had the same issue and solved it using a flow.

User-added image

My flow takes the parent record id as the only input parameter, then queries all the ContentDocumentLink records related to the parent...

User-added image

...and sets the field Visibility to "All Users" through a loop.

User-added image

I use this as a subflow of another flow, because I want it to happen only in certain circumstances, but I suppose you could also launch it via the process builder passing the parent record id as the variable.

Hope it helps.