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Gonzalo Calado-MorillasGonzalo Calado-Morillas 

Picklist Values Translated + Used in Formula Field


If I use the translation workbench to translate custom picklists

e.g. Gender: Male / Female / Unknown

But then I use a formula field to calculate something based on that value

e.g. IF ( ISPICKVALE (Gender___c, "Male"), ...)

Will that automatically work for all languages or will the formula not work since the value will change in every language?



Ahilesh RagavanAhilesh Ragavan
Unfortunately, Translation Workbench does not work in Formula fields. Picklist values inside formula fields are always returned in the primary language.

Here is an idea to upvote,latest comment from salesforce says they are looking at delivering this idea soon.
Display translated picklist values in a formula field.

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