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Siddharth ShuklaSiddharth Shukla 

Pardot Prospects Merge API

Hi there,

I am absolutely new to Pardot, but I have experience in other marketing automation tools, and I have leveraged those tools' APIs to merge leads/contacts/prospects who have duplicate email addresses. We have our own criteria of considering which leads would be duplicate and would be considered for merging.

I've seen the Pardot API thoroughly but I cannot find any API for merging prospects in Pardot. All is see are the CRUD operations, but nothing for merging two duplicate prospects into a single prospect via API. We have a lot of prospects we consider as duplicates and we want to merge them together. We do not want to follow the process manually for all the prospects.

I was hoping if there is a way to explore this option in Pardot. Below are my contact details. Please let me know if anyone else out there are facing this issue or are there any other options available. Thanks!

Patrick SullivanPatrick Sullivan
What is the scenario where you have many duplicates without the same email?