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Olga GuryanovaOlga Guryanova 

Standart Button isnt show in Lightning experience

Hello! Can someone tell me why Standart Button "Close Case"  isnt show in Lightning experience on Case page 
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I add this button through Case Search Layout but it still isnt apper an Case page
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Maybe someone have the similar problem or any ideas how to solve it???!
I appreciate any help)))
Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
Olga, that button and layout aren't available in Lightning Experience yet. Related help article:
Customer Service Features: What’s Not in Lightning Experience
Close Case Layout
For simplicity, the close case layout isn’t available, but you can add closed statuses to case edit pages. 
From the Support Settings page in Setup, select Show Closed Statuses in Case Status Field.
Susmita BeheraSusmita Behera

For simplicity, salesforce has not added that button in Lightning screen.
However you can see the "Closed" Status in Case detail page in Lightning, even if "Show Closed Statuses in Case Status Field" is set to false in "Support Setting".
So you can close the case by selecting "Closed" status directly in Lightning.

Hope this will help you.

Thanks .. :)

Nick BentleyNick Bentley
Simplicity? It actually makes it much harder to close a case with the relevant information required to do so.
Parag SevraParag Sevra

You may check the below Idea:
Parag Harji Sevra