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Roxanne ScarboroughRoxanne Scarborough 

Custom Object on Opportunities Help

We are limited to 100 custom fields on an opportunitiy so I had to create a new custom object called "CJS" to move some of my existing fields of data. I then created a Master-Detail Relationship to "Opportunity" so the tab would show on the page layout. 

This is where I am a little lost. before I was importing with DataLoader and was able to easily map my data directly to the opportunity by adding the salesforce "Project ID". Now in Data Loader, it only allows me to map to the "Record ID". 

I am managing information with this upload for about 500 records so I really just want to be able to link it to the Project ID like before. Is there any setting on the custom object I can change to keep the custom object "CJS" directly related to the "Project ID" ?
Geoffrey FlynnGeoffrey Flynn
If you are using Dataloader, how are you limited to only 100 custom fields?  Dataloader infers Enterprise Edition or above unless you bought the API add-on for PE, and that has 500 custom fields for Opportunities
Roxanne ScarboroughRoxanne Scarborough
Hi Geoffrey! I'm limited to 100 custom fields in Salesforce, not in Dataloader. We have the professional edition and after a little bit of research it looks like there is no way around that limit other than creating a custom object. 
Geoffrey FlynnGeoffrey Flynn
It should still be possible, but it isn't as easy as it might have been before.

Were you previously doing an Insert or an Update of existing records?