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Madeline KrazitMadeline Krazit 

Pie Chart Dashboards

I have Opportunity dashboards created for our sales team. The pie wedges show the stage. How do I set the color for each stage so that it's the same on each salesperson's dashboard? On one dashboard the closed won stage may be blue, whereas on another person's dashboard it's red. Going for consistency here. 
Steve MolisSteve Molis
You can set the Default Colors in the Stage Picklist Values setup 
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adam marksadam marks
Have you assigned chart colors to the values? If not, navigate to your Opportunity Fields and select Stage. Click the Chart Colors button in the Opporrtunity Stage Picklist Values section and update the colors as need be, 
Scott TurnerScott Turner
You can assign the values colors within the field itself. Checkout this article for a step-by-step

Madeline KrazitMadeline Krazit
Thank you!!!