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Jose BovedaJose Boveda 

How to remove Chatter from the 'All Items' view in Lightning?

Hi folks,

Wondering how I remove the following tab from Lightning:

User-added image
I can't disable chatter alltogether from the system, but would like to limit its access to a particular profile if possible.

Any help is appreciated,

Karthik PKarthik P
Alsinan NazimAlsinan Nazim
Hi Jose,

When you click on the App Launcher button in Lightning, Apps show up as large tiles under All Apps. Apps can include Salesforce standard apps, custom apps, and connected apps like Gmail and Google Drive. Other items, such as custom objects, tasks, events, and the feed, show up under All Items.
You can customise the visibility of Apps under All Apps but for customizing the visibility under All items, you can set Profiles and Permission Sets.

Salesforce enables the profile-based rollout of Chatter feature for your organization.
You determine who gets access to Chatter.
You review and modify existing custom user profiles and permissions sets.
Verify that the Enable Chatter permission in a custom user profile or permission set has the desired setting.
To allow or restrict Chatter access, assign the associated profile or permission set to users.
You turn on Chatter for your organization.

Hope that Helps,
Naveen DhanarajNaveen Dhanaraj
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