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Raman VermaRaman Verma 

Default value for Standard and required field

Creating workflow rule to update standard and required field doesnot work for me. I have seen many post saying it is working for them. Is it becasue of the developer Edition?

Warm Regards
Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi Raman,
when you say the standard and required field, I am guessing its the Name field and if so the workflow and field update will work but you still need users to input some value into the field for the record to be saved and then the workflow will be trigerred to change the name field.
Raman VermaRaman Verma
yes that works. But why sales team will waste thier valuable time to input these standard required field which are sometime very much useless i.e. Name field in junction table, most of the time it is useless!!!. There must be same way to get them auto-populated without entering any value, otherwsie, to me its hard to understand the SF is #1 CRM despite sales team has to waste thier time in entering useless fields. Sorry to be blunt!!!, buts thats what I feel. I am new to SF by the way, I am not sure if there is a way around. Also I have same blunt feeing on not being able to default value to standard-required picklists(Stage field in opportunity) and not being able to make them dependent field!!!..very much wastage of valuable time for sales team.
Raman VermaRaman Verma
If thats true...Shame on SF team for not addressing such a basic things!!!
Susan ThayerSusan Thayer
For junction objects I will typically use an auto-number for the Name field and hide the tab so that the name never displays in the related lists.

You can also use "Custom Actions" to prepopulate the "Name" field upon record creation via Actions.
Raman VermaRaman Verma
Hi Susan,
Thanks for your time. For Action Type : Create a Record , Only child object can be selected as Target Object, not the same object. I am not sure if I am missing anything?
Raman VermaRaman Verma
Also with Auto number, I had selected TEXT earlier, But when I select modify it to Auto number, it throws follwoing error:
Error: Cannot change Record Name type to autonumber; field update exists.

As per following suggection I deleted the workfloe rule itself, but no luck :(