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Shuning HsuShuning Hsu 

Trending articles by topic -- what does {topicid} mean?

I am using the "Trending articles by topic" component in the Community and, when selecting the topic ID in the configuration window, I see an option of {topicID}. I wonder what does that mean?
Julian Juez AlfaroJulian Juez Alfaro
HI Shuning,

The sample URL's are from our own Community. Pleae replace the begining with your own.

In Salesforce Communities, you can create Featured Topics and Navigational Topics (these are not Topics like on the main Salesforce interface. These are Community Topics)

Then, going to this URL (change the first part) you can configure your Community so that it automatically assigns Community Topics to your published Knowledge Articles based on the Data Categories of the articles.

Articles automatically trend when they are being used by internal users (attaching articles to cases) and viewed by both internal and external users.

If you want to show Trending Articles regardless of their Community Topic, make the Topic ID empty:

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