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George Heng Hua LiangGeorge Heng Hua Liang 

Calendar Lightning Component on Home Page

I want to customize my home page.

The Calendar (Today's Events) Lightning Component is only limited to Events today. I want to show a week view at least. I can't seem to customize the standard Calendar component. Is there a way to show a weekly or monthly view or an AppExchange app that can?
Sakthivel MadeshSakthivel Madesh
Hi George Liang,

Unfortunately there is no possibility in standard way, you need to create you custom component using lightning components.

I checked and there is no free appexchange app.

Thanks & Regards,
Sakthivel Madesh
Ajeet JainAjeet Jain

Hi George,

Hope the following links can help you:

Thanks & Best Regards
-Ajeet Jain