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Leonard SilonLeonard Silon 

I want to know if there are any companies out there that do NOT experience slowness in lightning?

Using the lightning console for cases in lightning we have page loads of 5-12 seconds. This should be 3 or less to even compete with Classic. I have tried it from home on personal computer on a verizon 100 mb up and down speed and SFDC jsut as slow. I have tried on a few different pieces of equipment.

I saw an idea out there about speed where i saw many companies complaining about the speed in lightning.

What I want to know is there any company not experiencing slowness in lightning and if so, what are you using SFDC for?
Dnyaneshwar AghawDnyaneshwar Aghaw
Hi Leonard,

Improve performance and speed in Lightning Experience

Lightning Experience LEX - lightning speed please!​​​​​​​
Leonard SilonLeonard Silon
I have thoroughly been through both those links. You will notice on the second one that most of the recent posts are mine. None of this helped
Adriana TakáčováAdriana Takáčová
Hello Leonard, we are experiencing the slow performance as well. To the point it's unbearable to work effectively in service cloud. SF cannot handle long email conversations exchanged with the clients. 
Cat SheltonCat Shelton
Hi Leonard, 

We experience performance problems too, I have posted a question about it myself as I thought it may have been a set up issue but I'm starting to think otherwise. 

Our issue is not so much page loads themselves, but rather elements of the page getting stuck (see picture below) - such as the Related lists on the Account page (I have now removed this and use Related List quick links) and elements having the red pulsating bubbles for ages. 

Here are things I have found - 

- We use Natterbox CTI webphones integrated with SF, those who use this have worse performance than those who don't
- Those who have a custom profile experience worse slowness than those who use standard profiles
- System administrators who do not have the Natterbox CTI webphone never experience issues
- Minimising any related lists has helped somewhat
- removing email history from a case page helps speed of emails 

User-added image

I'm sorry I can't provide a proper answer but i hope this helps! 

Toni MetzgerToni Metzger
Yes, mine is very slow.   Jumps all over screen.  Difficult to work with.  Spring 2020 is not any better.  Just checked it out and I am very disappointed.