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Debby HillsDebby Hills 

Importing into SFMC DE


I have customer (consumer) transaction data, including email address, in SFCC which may or may not be opted in to receive marcomms. 
I have opted in email subscriber data in SFMC Data Extension which I use for my weekly emails.  I now need to upload new subscribers into my SFMC DE which may, or may not exist in SFCC.  I'd like to upload my data and SF:
- Be able to match my subscribers with my transactors (if they exist in both) to provide a single customer view
- Create a new record for those who haven't yet transacted, but if they do at a later stage, that SF can match that data in SFMC with SFCC

I understand that, unlike other ESPs SF doesn't match on email address but on Contact ID which I don't know how to create as a field in my upload file for SFMC so that it can match on this basis.

How do I do this?


Jayson MoralesJayson Morales
Hi Debby,

Sorry for the inconvenience. In case you don't receive a response here, may I also suggest joining the Marketing Cloud group below to collaborate with the experts for best practice and advice.