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Vinuta BhatVinuta Bhat 

Cannot Trigger any flow based on formula field updates

I am aware that formula field updates won't trigger worklfow or process buider in salesforce. But I am not able to find a work around for this issue. There are two DateTime fields -StartDate and EndDate and based on current time I should be able to set a value in another picklist field.Once created, even if the record is not edited,as end date exceeds the Current Time, status should automatically change.I cannot achieve this using process builder/Trigger.Hence I have used a formula field and it is complex. But now the issue is that when i try to share the records based on status, I wont be able to choose forumla field in filter criteria in sharing setting. I am also not able to put dynamic values(NOW/TODAY) in sharing settings filter criteria.

Am I missing something here? Right now what I can think of is scheduled apex to update the Status picklist and get rid of the formula field.
Can anyone suggest if any better solution is available?
Nitesh AgarwalNitesh Agarwal

You may be able to leverage time based workflow triggers. As soon as a record is created and end date is populated or changed.. a time dependednt workflow rule fires to change the status on end date.