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Siddharth LakhotiaSiddharth Lakhotia 

Can I export picklist values in Salesforce for standard field


I have a standard field called Type under accounts in salesforce. The picklist values are


I have added one more value "Developer" to the list. How do I export this value from developement ot quality sandbox
Sandip PatelSandip Patel
Hi, I'd suggest deploying changes with change set if both Sandboxes are connected. 
Sonika TomarSonika Tomar
Click on field and then click on "printable view" to get all the picklist values

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Naveen DhanarajNaveen Dhanaraj
You'll have to take each of the Picklist Field and then there is this Printable View option that lets you see all of them at once and then copy it and paste it over to Excel.

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Siddharth LakhotiaSiddharth Lakhotia
That I understand, Bt is there no way of deploying picklist values via change sets 
Sonika TomarSonika Tomar
ChangeSet functionality improvements (
Dnyaneshwar AghawDnyaneshwar Aghaw
Hi Siddharth,

You can redeploy this field to Quality Sandbox you can manually add new value "Developer". 

1.Go to fields 
2.Click on Type field
3.Under Values click new button and add new value.

Ankush DurejaAnkush Dureja
You can not deploy standard picklist values using changeset.
Following are options:
1. Add picklist value manually in production.
2. Use Eclipse IDE to migrate picklist value.
3. Use migration tool(ant) to migrate values.

You can vote for this idea :