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Swapnil PrajapatiSwapnil Prajapati 

Salesforce1 list view error

In Salesforce1 app all list view except Recently viewed shows error when opening. User-added image
David HalesDavid Hales
Hi Swapnil,

List views display and behave differently in Lightning Experience.

Recently Viewed isn’t deletable, filterable, or editable. Salesforce admins can use the Object Manager in Setup to select and order columns for this view. Your users can sort items in the view by clicking on a column header. An arrow in the column header shows if the list items are sorted in ascending or descending order.

Another list view is available for most standard objects via the drop-down list with a name similar to Recently Viewed. The name of this view includes the name of the object. For example, this list view for accounts is called Recently Viewed Accounts. These two list views, Recently Viewed and Recently Viewed Objects, show the same records. The Recently Viewed Objects list view isn’t deletable, filterable, or editable. Your users can sort the records and chart this list view’s data. They can switch to Salesforce Classic to reorder the columns displayed in the list view. The columns appear in the new order when the user switches back to Lightning Experience.

Thanks & Regards
David Hales(1021)
Swapnil PrajapatiSwapnil Prajapati
So... How can I fix this?