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Andrew BlairAndrew Blair 

Why are certain standard report types hidden from certain profiles?

I have a user who is getting an Insufficient Privileges error when trying to run an report. This user created this report about 4 months ago, so he must have had access to it. I found something strange when I go to customize it:

User-added image

It says "Report Type: Accounts". This has to be important because when I'm logged in as him and go to create a new report, I try to select the "Accounts" report type but don't have that option. User-added imageAbove is what I see when logged in as this user. Under 'Accounts & Contacts' the first choice is 'Contacts & Accounts'. 

Here's what I see when logged in as some other user: User-added imageSee how the first choice is 'Accounts'?  
I've checked report folder permissions (he's an editor), profile permissions, everything seems to check out. Accounts are set to Private but this profile has View All permissions. The checkbox "Standard Report Visibility" is unchecked; I suspect that checking this box would fix this issue but would open up another group of issues, and as an admin new to this company (3 months) I don't really feel like tempting fate. 

What am I missing?
Steve DoddSteve Dodd

Check the Select Report Types to Hide box after clicking the 'New Report' button and see if any of your report types have a Red X next to them

User-added image
Andrew BlairAndrew Blair
I forgot to mention, I already did that. Green across the board. As I understand it, that would hide the report type from all users; there are other non-Admin profiles that can see all standard reports (see the last picture in my original post).
User-added image 
Steve DoddSteve Dodd
Did you try ticking the Standard Report Visibility checkbox in the Account Sharing Settings ?

All that does is expose report types for objects that are set to 'Private' which would allow the viewing user to see other users' records, as long as the viewing user is above the record owner in the role hierarchy.
Andrew BlairAndrew Blair

I'm not sure what you mean by the 'Account Sharing Settings'. The only place I see this checkbox is when I edit the OWDs:
User-added image
I checked the box, and that did fix the problem (Iike I suspected it would). But as I said, I'm new here, and I don't want to make drastic changes when there may very well be a reason for things being the way they already are. Also, this box isn't checked in our sandbox, and the profile doesn't have these same issues over there. 

Thank you for your help, BTW.
Art OrdoquiArt Ordoqui
Hello.  I'm having the same issue.  I confirmed that the report type isn't marked as Hide and that "Standard Report Visibility" is checked.  The report type in questions is Opportunities with Programs (custom object) and the profile in question has access to read opportunities and CRUD access to Programs (custom objects) . Any thoughts of where else I need to check to grant this person access?  thanks. 
Steve DoddSteve Dodd

Is the User unable to access the report or are they unable to see records in the report (that other Users can see) ? If they don't have access to the records, and they are not above the Users who own those records in your org's role hierarchy, then you would want to check the Organization-Wide Default sharing setting for the objects.

Setup >> Administer  > Security Controls >> Sharing Settings

Gear icon >> Setup >>  SETTINGS >> Security >> Sharing Settings
Art OrdoquiArt Ordoqui


They do have access to the records.  I created a report chart lightning component, but when I publish it to the same page layout that I'm using I can see the report, but this user gets a "You need access to the source report type to view this report chart." and I can't determine how to grant them access to that standard report type. 

The report Type is "Opportunities with Programs" programs being the custom object.  This profile has view all access to Opportunities and View All & Modify All for Programs so I'm not sure why this report type is not made visible to them and thus prevents them from seeing the report I created for their lightning components. 

Steve DoddSteve Dodd
Do they have sharing access to the folder where the report is being stored ? If yes, can they go to that folder, click on the report and view it ?

User-added image
Art OrdoquiArt Ordoqui
they can go to the same folder but when they click on it is gives them the "You don’t have sufficient privileges to perform this operation." error and when I look at it in the REcport Chart Lightning component for this user I get "
You need access to the source report type to view this report chart."

But I can't figure out how to grant them access to it since they have View All access to both objects and there isn't a way to grant access to this standard report type. 

User's view of available report type:

Access to other "with Program" report types for standard SF objects. screenshot of program report types

Access to Opportunities Report Types:
Shows screenshot of opportunities report types

As a system admin I can see the Opportunities with Program is available and has the green check so that it isn't hidden. 

Screeshot of system admin view of opportunity report types.

I'm sure it's just a setting somewhere in that users profile or in the custom object, but I can't figure it out. 

Thanks Steve for all your help thus far. 
Steve DoddSteve Dodd
OK, Art - I can think of a few more things to check here...

Can the User view other reports that are stored in the same report folder ? If not, did you setup the sharing access by Role, and if so...is the User in a Role that doesn't have access to the folder ?

If you have the "Login as Any User" feature enabled, are you able to click on the chart and view the report while logged in as the User ?

Check the Field Level Security of the Lookup or Master-Detail Relationship field that relates 'Opportunity' to 'Program' to make sure the field is visible for that User's Profile.

If either the report or the custom object is part of a managed package, make sure the User in question is assigned a license for the package.

Is the custom object dependent on the User having a feature license (e.g. Marketing User, Knowledge User, Service Cloud User) ?

Are there any non-Admin Users in the same (or different) Profile that can view the report ? If yes, did you compare the two Users or Profiles to see what permissions one has that the other one doesn't have ?
Art OrdoquiArt Ordoqui
Steve - 
You solved it and my other issue (https://success.salesforce.com/answers?id=9063A000000lHUuQAM).  The problem was that the profile didn't have access to the lookup field in the Opportunity object where that relationship was established.  I kept thinking it was in the custom object where she had full access to all the fields and she also had view access to opportunities overall, but just not that lookup field.  

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Steve DoddSteve Dodd
No problem...glad to hear you're good now.
Viswa ChaitanyaViswa Chaitanya
Hi Art,

I stuck with same issue. Can you suggest me where exactly I need to modify (either on Profiles or on any sharing settings). 
Hi Team,

If you goto OWD setting of Edit button and scroll down at the bottom , you will find out standard report visibillity over there . You just need to check the checkbox for the same .and Account standard report type will be visible to you