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Travis GrothausTravis Grothaus 

Process Builder Record Change

I'm trying to build in about 10 different record type changes into a process builder, is there a way to do this without hard coding record type IDs or is the alternative 10 different auto launched flows?
Mihir PowaniMihir Powani
Hi Travis,

One way to do it is to check for the Developer name of the Record Type instead of hard coding the IDs,

Eg., when you define the criteria in the Process builder, 

[Case].RecordType.DeveloperName equals String Internal_Case

Here, 'Internal_Case' is the DeveloperName/API of that RecordType.

Hope this helps, Cheers!
Ahilesh RagavanAhilesh Ragavan
Hey Travis,
We cannot look up record types using names in field update at this time !
It would have been a cool feature to have.

Still an Idea to upvote -
Make Record Type Name available in Process Builder (
Mihir PowaniMihir Powani
@Ahilesh, not sure why that Idea is still open, we can (and I've used) RecordType Name/Developer name in the Criteria of the Process Builder. Have you tried and found it otherwise?

These both are doable,
[Case].RecordType.DeveloperName equals String Internal_Case
[Case].RecordType.Name equals String Internal Case
Internal_Case is the API of the Record type, and 'Internal Case' is the Record type name.
Ahilesh RagavanAhilesh Ragavan
@Mihir -
I believe Travis is looking for a way to update a record's record type(using it's name )from a field update action.
At the moment we can only update the record type using it's ID and not using it's name.
See below -
User-added image
Mihir PowaniMihir Powani
Agreed, if you are trying to update the record (Action) with the Record type name, it is not possible today (one more upvote Idea then wait for a decade story, sigh!).