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Souhasini MSouhasini M 

Admin Certification - need some clarity


I have my admin exam today and I'd like some help in gaining a better understanding of the following concepts:
There are a few other questions that I'd like to discuss here:

1. A System Administrator cannot share a report folder. What is a possible reason?
A. The reports in the folder are already shared with other users.
B. The reports in the fodler only reference custom objects.
C. Folder Sharing is not enabled for the Org.
D. The folder is the "My Personal Custom Reports" folder.

I feel the answer is D, because for this folder, I don't see the 'Share' dropdown; I can see it for reports in public folders.

2. At Universal Containers, the sales managers would like Opportunities that have not been updated in the past 30 days to automatically be flagged. How should a system administrator implement this requirement?

A. Create a formula field to calculate the time since last update and display an image of a red flag if it meets the defined criteria.
B. Add a formula to the default value of the Opportunity name field to turn the background red if ther ecord meets the criteria.
C. Add a formula to the default value of the Last Modified Date field to turn the text red if the record meets the criteria.
D. Create a formula field to show the Last Login date of the Owner and display an alert mesage if it meets the defined criteria.

I feel the answe is A; I was able to try out this option with a sample example I found in the Help section. I couldn't find how I could add the formula and condition to an existing standard field - Last Modified Date.

3. The customer support team wants to use a different Page Layout when closing a Case.
Which method should the System Admin use to fulfill this request?

A. Record Type and Page Layout
B. Support Process
C. Field-Level Security
D. Case Close Page Layout

D seems like an almost obvious solution. I found out about this after I read through a lot of articles in the Help section.

4. Universal Containers sells through many different reseller networks. Each reseller's deals are tracked on separate opportunities. The sales manager is concerned that the pipeline report is not accurate due to multiple opportunities for the same end customer.
How should the sales process be modified to ensure opportunities are not double-counted in the pipeline?
A. Create one opportunity and use the competitors related list to track the different resellers.
B. Change the forecast category to Omitted on the duplicate opportunities.
C. Enable duplicate management to prevent the creation of the duplicate opportunities.
D. Change the amount on the duplicate opportunities to zero.

I know C is not the answer since duplicate management dooesn't apply to Opportunities.
But I don't seem to understand any of the other options. Can you please help me understand?

5. Which three reports can be used to display a list of the Top 10 Accounts on a dashboard?
Choose 3 answers

A. tabular report with row to display set to 10
B. summary report with a chart
C. tabular report with a chart
D. summary report with rows to display set to 10
E. summary report without a chart

A and D are possible. I feel C can be eliminated because a tabular report can only be used in a dashboard if the row limit is set.

I didn't quite understand what B & E mean. Can you please help me understand?

6. A Finance user with the "View All Data" permission enabled sees no Opportunities when opening a Sales pipeline report. However, a Sales Rep sees Opportunities ass expected.

Which two actions should a System Administrator perform to resolve thiss problem?
Choose 2 answers

A. Create a Custom Report Type for the user that shows all records.
B. Change the Org-Wide Opportunity Sharing Default to Public Read.
C. Update the report filter to show All Opportunities.
D. Select Save Hierarchy Level on pipeline report.

C & D seem appropriate answers. But I have one lingering thought.

Since the Finance user may not be higher up in the hierarchy, how does 'Save Hierarchy Level' help in this case?

Appreciate any help on this!

Thank you!
Dibya Ranjan PanigrahiDibya Ranjan Panigrahi
Did you pass the admin certification exam?
Souhasini MSouhasini M
Yes I did!
Dibya Ranjan PanigrahiDibya Ranjan Panigrahi