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Sam BowleySam Bowley 

Revenue Schedule Report vs Goal in single chart - help

We have a report showing total revenue scheduled by fiscal quarter. Now we want to add the goal for those fiscal quarters to the same report. However, the goal should be tied to the schedule quarter not the opportunity date fields. I've put a formula field on the opportunity for quarterly goal, and tried taking the Max of the field. However,Sample of the current rev sched report it's giving the max of opportunity close date and doesn't match up with what the goal for the quarter actually is. Help?
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
Here's something custom that I built that alloows you to do that sort of thing 

Tips & Tricks: Creating Sales vs. Goal Reports and Dashboards   (  )

​Basically you'd create Scheduled Goal $ using the native Opportunity, Product, and Revenue Schedule Objects