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Gregory MARTINGregory MARTIN 

conditional merge field from cross object on email template

I currently try to build an email template that will be executed from CASE.
I need to test condition from information of the person-account linked to my case.

I cannot add a formula field on Case object to copy my Person account field.
I need to do it directly on my email template.

I'm able to display a field from my account linked to my case:{!Account.Salutation}
I'm also able to test a field from Case:
But I cannot made a condition on the same field from the account linked to my case!!!!
{!IF(ISPICKVAL(Account.Salutation,"Mr"), "Value Mr found","NOK")}

Do you have an idea to solve my problem?

For reminder, this formula work from account object, but not from Case object...
Thanks for your support
EdEd ( 
Hi Gregory,

This is a limitation with the email template functionality. If you need to display a field in your email template from a parent object without the use of formula fields, you can create a process builder or workflow rule that updates the child record with a value coming from the parent record.

You may refer to this article for more information: