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Pam SchuckiesPam Schuckies 

Problems adding New Task button to Activity quick action tabs in Lightning.

I've searched for a solution online but so far the advice I've seen isn't solving the problem for me.  I'm  trying to add "new task" to the activity tab on my contact record in lightning; currently I just have "email." 

I have only one record type for contacts.  On the page layout I'm using I have several "new task" buttons created by managed apps, but I've made sure that the plain vanilla one which looks at my master contact record is the one that is shown in my Mobile and LE Actions list on the page layout. Still it does not show up on my lightning page.  See screen shots below.  Ideas?  Many thanks.

User-added image
User-added image
Breeonah KBreeonah K
You have to edit the lightning page. In lighnting, go to a contact. Go to the wheel and choose edit page. It will open the page editor, you will find activities on the left side. There's also a good trailhead around building LEX pages. 
Pam SchuckiesPam Schuckies
I have been trying to edit the lightning page, but in researching the process, learned that if the New Task button was present on the page layout under SF Mobile and Lightning Experience actions, it should also show up on the Lightning page.  As you can see above, it's present in the page layout but NOT present in my actual Lightning page.  Don't know why, or how to fix it.   One of the things I was told to check was the appropriate record type, but we have only one contact record type.  
Linda ThompsonLinda Thompson
I believe this is a BUG related to New Task Quick Actions.  I have added other object-specific Quick Actions without trouble, but if I try to add a Quick Action that creates a new Task, it won't show up on the browser page layout (although it DOES show up on Mobile).  The fact that so many people have complained about this seems to support the idea that it's a bug.