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Helena SavoryHelena Savory 

How to migrate organization metadata from one organization to another?

I'm wondering how I can migrate the metadata (everything on Salesforce, except for the records) from one instance to another. They are not related to the same account, I just want the same structure and customization for both organizations.

And a second question is, how and what can two Salesforce organizations share information with each other?

Hi Helena, 

There are several ways of doing it. 
1) Using ANT Migration Tool. 
2) Using Eclipse.

and you could use the Salesforce to Salesforce.
Salesforce to Salesforce is a feature that lets you configure two environments (orgs) so that they share data records in real time. This article describes several best practices to solve some of the complex salesforce to salesforce scenarios.

Please visit the below web link for details:

Please let me know if the above link answers your requirement
Helena SavoryHelena Savory
Hi @saurabh Dua,

Thank you for the answer. In short, after installing Eclipse, what would be the steps to download current metadata from Org 1 and then pushing it (and overwriting existing metadata) in org 2?
Hi Halena, 

Here is the guide which for it, From installation of eclipse till deployment to another org. 

Dnyaneshwar AghawDnyaneshwar Aghaw
Hi Helena,
You can use Change Set and ANT Migration Tool to migrate Metadata from one organization to another.
Deploying Components to Production​
Ajeet SinghAjeet Singh
Thanks @saurabh Dua for help. Could you please let me know how can I do same from visual studio code editor
Justin DonlonJustin Donlon
Hi There - I've been using a fantastic tool called ( for metadata migrations between unrelated instances. Well worth checking out for users that are not inclined to use ANT or Eclipse.