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Erica DishmanErica Dishman 

Test list names and internal employee names showing in email reports/metrics.

We've noticed when we go to report on specific emails, that our internal test names and employee names who test on themselves are showing in the email reports/metrics. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? Additionally, we see the option to "delete" the person that shows in the list. If we select delete, will it only delete them from the email report or from all of the pardot/salesforce system? And will it update metrics accordingly?Example of our internal test lists that show in our email reports with the option to delete-if we delete does it delete from entire system or just report?
Mike KiffelMike Kiffel
If you delete the person from a Pardot list, it should not delete them from Salesforce.  If you don't want to pull them into reports, I would only use the test people in test Pardot email sends as to not throw off your metrics.  If your intent was not to have them come into the list from the very beginning, then I would create a rule that prevents them from showing up on the list in the first place if you truly only want the people that were part of that particular email send.

If you delete the person out of that list it should update the numbers for your email reports/metrics.  If they are test people anyway, I would delete one and then you should be able to see right away.  The other option is saying you have 10 test people on your list and call that your margin of error on your metrics.  Hope this helps.
Erica DishmanErica Dishman
Thank you so much, Mike. This does help. So if just test with our internal test list, those names should not show up in the email reports/metrics, then?
Erica DishmanErica Dishman
I tried deleting the records we don't need, and it doesn't appear to be updating the metrics for some reason. Would I go in to the "automation rule" section of Pardot to create this rule from preventing them from appearing in the metrics/reports going forward?