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Bekir YanmazBekir Yanmaz 

Superbadge business specialist


I'm doing (

I'm stuck at the 2nd step with the following user : Shinje Tashi who is described as :

Shinje Tashi
Title : Sales Data Quality Specialist
This sales data quality specialist supports the entire company and needs to be assigned a role that can see and access all account, contact, and opportunity records for the entire company.
Use the Standard User profile

I have created the user as described.

I have the following error :
 Shinje Tashi does not have the user settings he needs.

It says :

"...provide Shinje Tashi access to the Language Preference field without modifying his profile. Name the solution you create for extending access Bilingual Pilot."

I have created a permission set called Bilingual Pilot that gives access to the custom field Language Preference and assign it to this user.

But the error persists.

How can I solve it ?

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Bekir YanmazBekir Yanmaz

Changing this user's role to CEO solved the issue for me.

Give it a try. 

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Steve BainesSteve Baines
Make sure the profile itself has no access/FLS and that all access is controlled through the permission set.
Bekir YanmazBekir Yanmaz
It says , do not modify the profile of the user. Even if İ disable the field access it the profile and allow it on the permission set, I still have the same error.

I dont even understand why the trail wants us to give the user a standard user profile which already give access to nearly everything including this language field and then grant even more permission with permission set.

Any help would be great
Nanda  Kishor JeripothulaNanda Kishor Jeripothula
you are going good.. even i stuck at that at place.. but crossed.. there is nothing wrong you are doing... just in permission set BIlingual Pilot assign the user Shinj then at the botton i.e, Object settings make search for the language Preference picklist and give access thats it you are done 
Bekir YanmazBekir Yanmaz

Changing this user's role to CEO solved the issue for me.

Give it a try. 
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Rich FiekowskyRich Fiekowsky
Note that Shinje Tashi also must be Active at the time of "Check Challenge".
Martin HurstMartin Hurst
I gave Tashi the CEO Role.

I created the permission set called Bilingual Pilot.
I clicked on View All and Modify All checkboxes - all the checkboxes are now checked under the "Object Permissions section".
Beside the "Language Preference" field I checked the Edit checkbox.

I assigned Tashi to this permissions set under Manage Assigments.

BUT the verify challenge is still not passing!!??

What am I doing wrong?
Martin HurstMartin Hurst
Also, Tashi is in the CEO Role and active.
Martin HurstMartin Hurst
BUT the verify challenge is still not passing!!??

What am I doing wrong?
Allison OmAllison Om
where do I set the Language Preference for Shinje. Can someone point me in the right direction?
Martin HurstMartin Hurst
I solved my own problem.

I originally set Shinje Tashi with the User License of "Salesforce Platform"
and the Profile of "Standard Platform User".

To be able to pass the verfication step, I had to changed the User License to "Salesforce"
and the Profile to "Standard User".

I also had to delete the permissions set "Bilingual Pilot" and then re-create the "Bilingual Pilot"
permissions set with the profile of "Standard User".

Under Object Settings for Accounts, I then selected "View All" and "Modify All" and Create checkboxes,
and under Field Permissions for the "Language Preference" I selected both Read Access and Edit Access checkboxes.

I was then able to added Shinje Tashi to the Manage Assignments because the profile for Tashi and the "Bilingual Pilot" permission set now matched.

The verification check passed now.
Rich FiekowskyRich Fiekowsky
@AllisonOm, Language Preference for the user is set in the User detail page. Setup; search for "Users"; click Users; the list comes up; Edit Shinje Tashi's record; set the language in the "Locale Settings" block. 
Xin Xing ChenXin Xing Chen
Hi, I edited profile "Standard User" before I started that trail.
After that I tried all the ways mentioned under that question but still got the error message.
The solution for extending access is not assigned to the right user or is not granting access to the right field.
Could anyone help that? Many thanks! 
Tiger HsuTiger Hsu
User License -> Salesforce
Profile -> Standard User

Remeber when adding permissions change Licence to ->salesforce
Diego GarcíaDiego García
Hi ! I could finished the trail by changing the Role to CEO as per suggestion founded here.

But why it was not possible jus to leaving Role as Marketing Team and assigning permissions sets to the Account, Contacts, Opportunities (Read,Edit,Delete) as I had them set?

Any help to clarify me on Security sets?

Tiger HsuTiger Hsu
Settings under Shinje Tashi
Karthik MallappaKarthik Mallappa
Hi All,

Those who are still getting the issue as "Shinje Tashi does not have the user settings he needs" even after providing the CEO role, please do follow below steps

1. Create a permission set as "Bilingual Pilot" and give read, create, edit, delete, view all and modify all to Accounts, Contacts and Oppurtunity objects (by also making Language Preference as Edit Access) under Object Settings.
2. Once Saved click on "Manage Assignments > Add Assignment" and assign it to the Shinje Tashi User.

Check your challenge and your done :)

Note: Before you assign the Permission set, please make sure Shinje Tashi User has the details as below

Role: CEO
User License: Salesforce
Profile: Standard User
Abhishek SainAbhishek Sain
unable to get the Language prefrence option in Object Settings.Please help
Ranil GoonesekeraRanil Goonesekera
@abhishek sain  That is already there.  You don't have to add that field. 
Praveen JavaliPraveen Javali
Not sure about Language PReferences settings.
What worked is
Role: CEO
User Licencse: Salesforce
Profile: Standard User
Praveen JavaliPraveen Javali
Now the next message I get is: 
"The solution for extending access is not assigned to the right user or is not granting access to the right field."
What does this mean?
Praveen JavaliPraveen Javali
Got the answer myself. In Object-->Accounts need to check Langauge Preferences !!
Roselyn WRoselyn W
Im also unable to find the language preference in the field permission. its not there
Hirdesh GangilHirdesh Gangil

Go to object Setting in the apps Section - Click on Accounts
User-added image

Adarsh SinghAdarsh Singh
Change the Role of shinje Tashi to CEO, it will work.
Devender Singh BaghelDevender Singh Baghel

This issue can be solved by below configurations,
Create Perm sets with Bilingual Pilot and assign this user to it
Make user as CEO.
Juan David Romero GuaquetaJuan David Romero Guaqueta
@Roselyn W , I got the same issue , in order to find the "Language Preference", you need to go to Permission sets>Object settings , and clic in accounts. After you select accounts , you will see the language preference in the filed permissions.
Amol TambeAmol Tambe
I verified my permission sets and assignment as many have discussed above. But it was not passing.
I had to change the Shinje's role to CEO to pass the challenge. I am still wondering what was wrong.
Gary RikardGary Rikard
Changing to CEO worked. However, data quality specialists should not be assigned to the CEO role in SF. 
Francisco Peña, Jr.Francisco Peña, Jr.
Changing the role to CEO worked for me, too.  I believe that a new role should be added in the trail in order to accommodate Shinje's role. 
Same here. Change the role to CEO worked. I would not have figured this in million years without this thread. Thanks.
Bigith Pattar VeettilBigith Pattar Veettil
Hey, I checked all answers above and did all as suggested, Role - CEO, created premission set and named- Bilingual Pilot as required. checked language preference field, assigned the permission set to Shinje, Shinje is having standard user profie and salesforce licence, still getting the error - 'The solution for extending access does not have the correct name' can any suggest what might be wrong here
Bharathi VijayBharathi Vijay

Following to see what the solution is to this. 

As mentioned in the thread everything has been set up correctly yet unable to complete the challenge

bedika mohantybedika mohanty
First, Shinje Tashi has to be CEO as per statement "This sales data quality specialist supports the entire company and needs to be assigned a role that can see and access all account, contact, and opportunity records for the entire company.".
Now coming to second part of requirement, create new permission set with object permission to Account'Read,Edit,Delete' and click the checkbox for field 'Language Preperence' save .
Assign the permission set to User 'Shinje Tashi'
and you are done.
Haithem HamrouniHaithem Hamrouni
Thanks bedika, it works!
Bharathi VijayBharathi Vijay
Only mistake I did was gave View All and Modify All permisssion on the account object . 
Once that was corrected the solution mentioned above works. 
Sabrina McCormackSabrina McCormack
Thanks Bedika. Huge help!
Jacob TannenbaumJacob Tannenbaum
I made a parallel role to the CEO called "Data Quality Specialist" and that failed. Making him the CEO worked, but that just feels wrong..