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divya prabhadivya prabha 

admin201 questions

plz help me with the correct answers for these 20 questions of Admin201

1)what can a system administrator configure for users on the search results?
A. Objects included in the search B.Fields being searched for each object C. Number of records displayed for each object D. Columns displayed for each object
Choose any 3 C, D are right answers and had doubt between A or B

2)sales management at universal containers needs to display the information listed below on each account record Amount of all closed won opportunities Amount of all open oppurtunities Which feature should a system administrator use to meet this requirement?
A. Roll-up summary fields B. Cross-Object formula fields
Choose 1 either A or B

3)what can be modified on the standard object fields?
A. Field type B.label C.Default text text E.picklistvalues
Choose 3 answers D, E are the right answers and the third one should be either B or C

4)How can a system administrator restrict users from viewing of certain fields in listviews, searches, pagelayouts and reports?
A.set the field to be hidden by using the field-level security B.set the field to be hidden on the users profile
choose1 either A or B

5)when can the validation rule be used to prevent the invalid data?
A. when records are imported B. when records are edited by a user C.when records are submitted from web-to-lead D. when records are updated by using the workflow rule
choose 3 ans A.B.C or A.B.D  A,B are the right answers C or D 

6)what type of customization can be done on activities events and tasks?
A.workflow rules B.validation rules C.Assignment rules D.custom Fields
choose 3 ans either A.B.C or A.B.D   A.B are the right answers and C or D

7) what can the users do with the mobile lite?
A.view, create, edit, and delete accounts, contacts, and oppurtunities B.view campaigns and manage campaign members for the recors that were not previously downloaded to a mobile device
choose any 2 ans A,B or A,C

8)universal containers wants to capture the invoice number and account credit score for billing cases how would an administrator accomplish this?
a)create avalidation rule b)create a support process c)create a custom fields d)create a pagelayouts
choose 2 ans

9)which data can be highlighted in a report using the conditional highlightning?
a)grand totals b)summarized totals c)summary formula d) date/data fields
choose 3ans a,b,c or a,b,d   a,b are the right ans c or d?

10)a system administrator as universal containers needs to mass update the lead source on number of oppurtunity records how can this be accomplished?
a)create a listview for the oppurtunity and update it by using the inline editing b)export opputunities and update using the import wizard c)export oppurtunities and update using the data loader
choose 2 ans  a is the right answer 2nd one is b or c?

11)universal containers needs to allow a group of users to view account records that they do NOT pwn which feature does a system administrator use to meet this requirement? a)Account record types b)public groups c)sharing rules
choose 2 ans a,c or b,c

12)sales managers need to view and report on sales revenue accross an entire company without having access to a custom object that tracks personal time off requests which permission should a system administrator enable in a custom profile to meet this requirement in a private sharing model?
a)"view all data" b)"view all for oppurtunities"
choose and 1 ans

13)universal containers has certain customers that must be placed in the DNC list, a system administrator needs to ensure that sales representatives do not contact these customerswhich step should a system admin shoud take to snforce this requirement?
a) make the DNC contact records private to all the sales users b)filter the DNC contact from mass email listviews shared with sales users c)remove phone num and email address fields from the contact page layout for DNC contacts d)add the DNC field to the contact layout and make it visible for all sales users profile
choose 3 ans b,c,d or a,b,d    b,d are correct answers 3rd one is a or c

14)if you need to group the sales by stage then by region on a dashboard, what type of chart fo yoou have to use?
a)funnel b)donut c)bar
choose 1ans

15)the VP at the universal containers requested the "verbel agreement" be added as an new oppurtunity stage the system administrator added the new picklistvalue to the stage field but found that the new value was not available for the users what should the system administrator should do?
a)add new value to the appropriate sales process b) add new value to the appropriate record types
choose 1 ans either a or b

16)UC has segmented its customers base into two categories highwealth and retirement.High wealth accounts should be visible to the high wealth sales team members only retirement accounts should be visible to all the sales users how can a system administrator meet this requirement?
a) create a new record type for the high wealth accounts and share the record type with the high wealth team members b) set the OWD sharing to private and create a sharing rule to share retirement accounts with all sales users
choose 1 ans a or b

17)which functionality is available when solution categories are enabled?
a)ability to create solution category custom reports to find uncategorized solutions b)ability to automatically assign a solution to all sub-categories below to the parent category c)ability to control the visibility of specific solutions in the customer ans self service portals
choose 2ans a,c or b,c   c is the right answer 2 nd one is a or b

18)which functionality is available when customizing tasks?
a)Recurring tasks can be assigned to more than one user b)Record types can be created for the tasks c) validation rules can be created for the tasks
choose 2 ans a,b or b,c   b is the right answer 2nd one is a or c

19)what can a system administrator can assign to both ideas and answers? 
a)status b)categories
choose 1 ans a or b

20)which record type can be updated when converting of a lead?
a) an existing contact record b) an existing account record c) an existing oppurtunity record choose 2 a,b or b,c     b is the right answer 2nd one is a or c
Geoffrey FlynnGeoffrey Flynn
You should sign up for a free developer edition ( and try these out.  It's really the best way to learn because you can try out these scenarios on your own
Geoffrey FlynnGeoffrey Flynn
It's also worth noting that these questions may well already be out of date or just wrong.  Considering the typos I wouldn't put too much stock in them
divya prabhadivya prabha
i have my devloper  account i need to take test tomorrow can you plz help no time for me today
Geoffrey FlynnGeoffrey Flynn
They aren't going to be on the test since they aren't real questions so I wouldn't worry about it.  Being given the answers won't help you
Jake BrushaferJake Brushafer

I would also take the admin trailhead.  Its like 8hrs but this going to be one of the best resources for you to learn how the org works.  

admin beginner

And those questions will not be on the test. 

Ines GarciaInes Garcia
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Basically you are shooting yourself in the foot there, as a cheater is rather easy to spot. 
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yoshita vyakaranamyoshita vyakaranam
Thanks for sharing the link:
42% done and in progress to complete :)
Ines GarciaInes Garcia
use or distribute dumps is a breach to t&Cs of certification program and has consequences