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Cherie NelsonCherie Nelson 

A/B Testing in Pardot

Hi, we are wanting to do A/B testing to a daily newsletter sent via Pardot. The A/B Tests module seems to allow you to choose up to 50% of the list to be split and then the winning version is sent to the remaining % of the list at a determined time/date after the initial test was sent (the recommendation is 24 hours after the test is sent). The issue we have is this is a daily newsletter - so I'd like to carry out the test on 100% of the list and then send the following day's newsletter out based on the winning version. Is this possible in Pardot. I am sure there is a manual workaround, but was hoping it'd be possible in this A/B test for ease of reviewing the results.
Head In CloudHead In Cloud
Refer these links,Hope this help you:
Cherie NelsonCherie Nelson
Thanks – so looking at this, there is no way to split the entire list down the middle and send each of the lists a version of the email test using the A/B Test module in Pardot. Instead I’ll need to manually recreate the a/b test scenario using lists and separate emails scheduled at the same time and then draw up results manually also. Bummer!
KC CoxKC Cox
Agreed bummer.  There is is still no way to do this after a year?  Frustrating. 
Esther TungEsther Tung
Another year has passed. Pardot, this would be really awesome for our data collection!
Craig HattonCraig Hatton

It is possible :)

Jack JewsburyJack Jewsbury

Hi Craig,

Actually found your solution googling "a/b testing in engagement studio pardot" and you appeared top of the results. I guess it tells you a lot about Pardot and its lack of easy solution around this. 

Whilst your solution is a great way around this, the issue with it is that you can split at one time. So if you had a drip campaign, you wouldn't be able to randomly allocate prospects to A/B. Would only be a one-off. That's how I understand it works at least.