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Kumar SingKumar Sing 

Not able to complete Enable Account Field History Tracking trailhead assignment. Followed all the steps. What am I missing?

Enable Account Field History Tracking
VP of Support Noah Larkin would like to know which accounts are being marked as having support plans each week, so he can track which accounts don’t have a support plan expiration date.
To fulfill Noah’s request, enable history tracking, which allows you to track changes on up to 20 standard or custom fields on an object which can be viewed on a record’s History related list or through History reports. For each field, tracking logs the date and time of change, the user making the change, and old and new values.
Enable Field History Tracking
Enable field history tracking on accounts, and set it to track the Has Support Plan and Support Plan Expiration Date fields.
From Setup, click Object Manager and select Account.
Select Fields & Relationships, and click Set History Tracking.
Select Enable Account History, then select these two fields to track:
Has Support Plan
Support Plan Expiration Date
Click Save.
Add the Account History related list to the Customer Account page layout.
Click the App Launcher  and select Sales. 
Click the Accounts tab.
From the View picklist, select All Accounts.
In the Account Name column, click Edge Communications.
Click the setup cog  then select Edit Object.
Note: The Account object detail page should now be open in a new browser tab.
Click Page Layouts.
Click Customer Account Layout.
In the palette, click Related Lists.
From the palette, drag the Account History related list onto the page layout and drop it below the Contacts related list.  
Click Save.
Click No when prompted to overwrite users’ related list customizations.
Close the current browser tab. The Edge Communications record detail page should be open in the previously used browser tab. Refresh this tab to see the new Account History related list.
Now that you’ve given Noah to the data he needs via field tracking, move on to the last step of this project, where you work with validation rules to help him ensure team is supplying necessary information.
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Manasa UdupiManasa Udupi
Hi Kumar,

Are you getting any error messages when you check this challenge?
Kumar SingKumar Sing
Hi Manasa,
Thank you for the response. I was able figure it out.