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David ScullionDavid Scullion 

How do I use Salesforce Ideas in a Lightning Community?

I have a requirement to create an internal community where our 1500 odd users can make requests for enhancements to our existing instance. 

Now Salesforce Ideas is perfect, except for the fact it doesn't work in Lightning.

I have also tried most of the Lighting Components or AppExhcnage packages available, but the issue they all have is we had added a fair few custom fields to the Ideas object, and they do not show in any of these solutions, and they are all managed packages so you don't even get the opportunity to modify the layouts.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am at the end of my solutioning ability and the business requires this implemented ASAP.
Tommaso BolisTommaso Bolis
Hi David,
here documentation about
Enable Ideas in Your Community

You can create custom fields and set validation rules on them.
Custom fields appear in the Additional Information section on the Post Idea and Idea Detail pages.
David ScullionDavid Scullion
Thanks Tommaso,

While that works in classic on the Ideas page, as soon as you try and transition to a Lighting Community, it only shows the default page layout, and all the apps I have tried are managed packages so you don't seem to be able to add the custom fields.

If anyone else has any ideas I am happy to discuss them?