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Violeta VasiliuVioleta Vasiliu 

How do I "merge" several Opportunity record types into one?

Hi community,

I am very new to Admin-ing in Salesforce, hence I apologize if the practice described below doesn't make much sense to you. :)

The problem is the following:

Last year my organization decided that the easiest way to differentiate between the offered services & products and the sales teams was to create 6 (SIX) different Opportunity record types. 

Now there has been a change of management, and it was decided to go back to one record type and my task is to make this happen. :)

Can you advise on what would be the most painless way to proceed (provided that we also don't want to lose any data from the existing opportunities)?

ANY help is greatly appreciated! 


Rabin BRabin B
Hi Violeta,

you could delete the one that you don't want anymore. By doing so, it will ask you it you want to replace the Deleted Value with an Existing One. So you'll be able to select the existing Record Type. 

But before you do so, you need to update your  picklist first!

Below is the salesforce article which outlines the practices to be ammended while merging multiple record types to one. (
Violeta VasiliuVioleta Vasiliu

Thanks so much, Rabin. 

So, basically, delete the existing six one-by-one and replace with the new one - understood and actually easier than I expected. :) 

I think most picklists were master - but I will triple-check :)

What about the other fields, aside from picklists? Do I need to map them to the new record type? 

Rabin BRabin B
Yes you have to map the other fields to the new record type.

I would suggest you to have try this in a sandbox and to be on the safe side, have a data export before merging these record types, so in case of any data loss you can have a reference point to check.

Let me know if it helps.
Violeta VasiliuVioleta Vasiliu

Thanks, Rabin!

I also thought of these options to be on the safe side. :)

Will definitely try it out!