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Lisa JacksonLisa Jackson 

Why can my user only subscribe to 3 reports?


I have checked the subscription limits and this has been confirmed as 5 per person however I have a user who is only subscribed to 3 reports (using the 'items ive subscribed to' report), yet her subscribe button is not available for any other report?

Is there something else which impacts this limit that I'm not aware of?

Many thanks,

Ajay DubediAjay Dubedi
Hello Lisa, 

"Report Subscription Notifications are limited to 5 subscribed reports per user. This limit is hardcoded and cannot be increased." 

You can avoid reaching the limits by following these steps:-

1)You can reach out to your Account Executive about purchasing more scheduled reports.  

2)Carefully select the reports you want to schedule and try to find the correct balance between frequency and number of schedules (sending the report more often will impact the maximum number of reports sent per hour, while scheduling a similar report multiple times might affect the maximum number of scheduled reports per organization). 
3)Unschedule from any reports that have no future run.

You could reach your limit without using any of your time slots by following these simple steps:-
1)If you have a report that is scheduled to go out at a specific time but is no longer valid (only schedules in past dates, hence no future runs) and you don't unschedule it, then this will count towards your 200 limits.

2)Good to know: It's a best practice to unscheduled reports if they have no future runs scheduled. This will help ensure that if you want to extend the schedule after completion, you have easy access to the report. 
3)If you have a report that you want to have sent out quarterly, which is not an option to set up for a schedule, you can set it up to send out one time to those who need it. Then when the quarter is done you can go in and schedule it to go out again one time.

I hope it will going to help you.

Thank You,
Ajay Dubedi
Lisa JacksonLisa Jackson
I’m sorry, but this does not answer my question, I’m afraid. My question was my user should have access to 5 subscribed reports but cannot subscribe to more than 3 – do we know why? Here is her list of subscriptions [cid:image004.jpg@01D41D08.DB4B8350] Here is what happens when she attempts to subscribe [cid:image003.png@01D41D07.8A722520] Regards, Lisa
Wafer StudiosWafer Studios
Hey Lisa - Our app should be able to show exactly where your subscriptions are being used:

Here's a direct package link with a 30 day trial: 

(Note, the above link might expire - you can always get the most up-to-date version from the appexchange or our website, https://appwafer.com
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