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Sarah ChoeSarah Choe 

prevent duplicates on quick create

What is the best practice for preventing users to create duplicated contact with Quick Create?

We have standard matching rules and duplicate rules but at the same time existing process to somewhat encourage users to create contacts with Quick Create.

some suggested to write a trigger, but if this is the last resorts, i want to see if anyone tried to invoke the standard rules into the trigger without writing the whole new customized code.  

Any help will be greately appreciated!

Thanks a lot.
Nisha SharmaNisha Sharma
Hi Sarah,
One of the best adoption practices that I recommend to our clients users is to search a record via Global Search before creating a new one (Lead/Account/Contact). This is best way to prevent duplocation besides the duplication rules.

Hope this helps. :)
Sarah ChoeSarah Choe
I have created an idea:
Disable Quick Create 'NEW' button on lookup window in Lightning+Community UI