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Cynthia ZilkeCynthia Zilke 

Create a "new Contact" button on an event.

I am a super newbie to Sales Force and I'm actually using Property Base which is built on Sales Force, but anyhow... I am wanting to create a "new Contact" button on an event if the contact look-up field does not find the name already in Contacts?  According to other posts it looks like there is a problem with Quick Create option.  Is there a way to build this in "Flows"?
If so could someone walk me thru the process?
Mary TaglerMary Tagler
Are you working in Classic or Lightning?

FWIW: Quick Create is an admin's nightmare because it doesn't enforce validation rules when creating records. So you get dirty data right out of the gate.
Mary TaglerMary Tagler
Sorry one other piece of advice. The way I like to train is to have users find the record (in this case, Contact) and create the event from there. It forces them to search before creating data and it ensures they're on the right record. We're B2C and having Contacts with the same name isn't uncommon, multiple families, etc.).