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Minky HyunMinky Hyun 

What is the difference between Task Type and Subtype fields?

Salesforce has two Task picklist fields that come as standard but seem to have odd behaviors as described below:

Type = can be edited to add new values (Call, Email, etc) but when added to the Page Layout, nothing is displayed.  
Task Subtype = no ability to add picklist values but when added to the Page Layout, options for Type field are displayed

User-added imageUser-added imageUser-added imageFurthermore, do you know how these fields are inteded to be used?

Mary TaglerMary Tagler
This must be new. I've never noticed this befor and have it in my org too.

I found this Knowledge article. https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=000228387&type=1
Mary TaglerMary Tagler
OK, not new, but here's another question on it:
Kishore B TKishore B T
Its released in Winter 16
+Minky Hyun ​
Please Check this 
User-added image
User-added image
Minky HyunMinky Hyun
Thanks for all the links.  It still doesn't explain the odd behavior I noted.  
Mary TaglerMary Tagler
I don't understand what explanation you're looking for. Kishore and my links note that subtype is not updateable.
Minky HyunMinky Hyun
It looks like the way I explained wasn't clear.  Even though Type field is editable, when you add Type to the page layout, you don't see the picklist but the Type field's picklist values show up when you add the Task Subtype field.  Please refer to the 3 screenshots in my original post.  
Mary TaglerMary Tagler
I went into a dev org and didn't experience the same issue. When I add Type to the page layout, I see Type. Field level security wasn't set to visible, so I had to update that.

Tried in two orgs.
Kishore B TKishore B T
Hi Minky,
Is this Fixed?  
If yes  please select one of the responses as 'Best Answer'?
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or let us know where you are stuck.
Stephanie BoggsStephanie Boggs
Upvote this idea - Make TaskSubType editable - https://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=0873A000000COq5QAG
Gabe LGabe L
Hi all, I'm quite confused by the difference between the two fields still. What are the use cases for each? From what I can tell, subtype is non-editable once created, and seems to be used to do some categorisation in the Salesforce UI e.g. show an email icon?