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Todd FraserTodd Fraser 

Self registration profile is blank

Hi again

I've just set up a community and tried to enable self registration.  When I try to set the profile for self registered users, there are no profiles in the drop down menu.  There IS a profile link in the page options, and I can edit the profile from there, but I can't seem to assign a profile to self registered users.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!
Dnyaneshwar AghawDnyaneshwar Aghaw
Hi Todd,
You need to select Available Licence while creating user profile and then assign it to community users.
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Sindoora GopagoniSindoora Gopagoni
Hi Todd,

Check this ,it may be of help:
Todd FraserTodd Fraser
Thanks Sindoora

I don't seem to have any portal partner licenses or profiles.

I'm assuming someone has to add the profile ID to the apex controllers?  Does that sound right?